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Orange County Pipe Leak Detection

Orange County Pipe Leak Detection

Orange County pipe leaks can hide inside your walls and slowly damage your home. The water accumulates, mold grows, and the structure of your home can be damaged. On top of the damage to your home, you are paying for every drop of water that leaks from your pipes.

If you notice that your water bill is unusually high and don’t have an explanation for that water consumption, you may have a pipe leak. Soft spots in the drywall or signs of mold on the walls can also be indications of a pipe leak between the walls. Scott English Plumbing offers pipe leak detection to help you find those hidden leaks that could be damaging your home.

What Causes Pipe Leaks in Orange County?

Pipes can leak for many reasons. Changes in temperature are a common culprit of pipe leaks. When the temperature changes, water expands and contracts. Hot water rushing through a very cold pipe can cause leaks. A pipe that has frozen can also leak or burst. The water in the pipes expands when it freezes, and the pressure created inside the pipe from the expansion can create a leak.

Corrosion also causes pipes to leak. As pipes age, they can develop rust and corrosion. That wearing away of the pipe can result in the formation of leaks. If you notice any corrosion on your pipes, have them repaired right away before the damage gets worse.

What If I Don’t Know Where the Orange County Leak Is?

If you suspect a leak but don’t know where it is located, we can find it. At Scott English Plumbing, we use electronic leak detection to find leaks that aren’t visible to the eye. We do everything we can to repair your plumbing in the least invasive manner possible without further damage to your home. This makes our repairs more efficient, less destructive, and less costly for you.

Call Scott English Plumbing to find your plumbing leak and repair it for you quickly and easily.

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