Orange County Copper Pipe Repair

Orange County Copper Pipe Repair

Copper pipe is durable and reliable; it is the least likely system in your house to cause problems. More than 85% of American homes have copper pipes and for good reason. Copper pipes even inhibit the growth of bacteria, making your water supply safer; but no system is foolproof, though. There are times when copper pipes fail. Scott English Plumbing provides copper pipe repair so that you can get your home and all of its systems back to normal right away.

What Causes Copper Pipes to Fail?

One of the most common ways that copper pipes fail is through the development of pinhole leaks. A pinhole leak is a perforation that results from pitting corrosion on the inside of the pipe. Copper pipes are known for resisting corrosion, but changes in water quality have affected the way that copper responds to water. It is possible for copper pipes to develop corrosion, which can result in pinhole leaks. Pitting corrosion in copper pipes is often caused by water that is too hard, too soft, or high in pH.

Excessive water velocity can also cause corrosion in copper pipes. If the pressure and flow of the water are too high for the tubing or pipe that the water is running through, the protective coating of the pipe can be eroded. Excessive water velocity is most likely to cause problems at points where the water changes flow direction, like elbows and tees.

How Are Copper Pipes Repaired?

Leaky copper pipes must be soldered in order to properly repair them. This is not a DIY job; it is a sensitive repair that is best left to the professionals.
If you are in need of copper pipe repair, contact Scott English Plumbing at 714-987-9801 / 949-462-9773. We have the tools and the expertise to handle your copper pipe repair.

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