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Do you need 24 hour Corona Del Mar plumbers to respond to a leaking pipe or overflowing toilet? Are you planning kitchen and bathroom remodeling? Do you need preventative drain cleaning service? You can count on the Corona Del Mar plumbing experts at Scott English Plumbing to help. Our Corona Del Mar plumbing company is a full-service residential plumbing company specializing in everything from sewer inspections and leak detection to home repiping, toilet repair, and home water filtration installation with a 24 hour plumber always standing by for emergencies.

You can count on a Corona Del Mar plumber with Scott English Plumbing to arrive on time for your appointment, walk you through what’s going on, and provide a free, fair estimate before work begins. Learn more about how we can help with all types of plumbing in Corona Del Mar below and give us a call at 949-777-6308 to schedule an estimate. Or, if you prefer, feel free to visit our Corona Del Mar plumbers at 1230 North Jefferson Street, Suite H, Corona Del Mar, CA 92807.

Plumbers in Corona Del Mar

No matter what your needs when it comes to plumbing Corona Del Mar, you can count on the Corona Del Mar plumbing contractors at Scott English Plumbing for reliable and affordable services. Our Corona Del Mar plumbing experts handle all types of residential plumbing services such as:

    • Corona Del Mar kitchen and bathroom remodeling
      Want to transform your bathroom or kitchen? Whether you’re just thinking of upgrading plumbing fixtures or planning a full scale Corona Del Mar kitchen and bathroom remodeling, give us a call.
    • Faucet repair
      Do you have a leaking or broken faucet? Give us a call. If faucet repair isn’t possible, we can install a brand-new faucet to match your kitchen or bathroom.
    • Toilet repair
      From leaking toilets to sluggish flushes, we perform all types of toilet repair.
    • Garbage disposal repair

Does your garbage disposal refuse to turn on? Is it making strange noises or leaking? We’ll get to the bottom of the problem with cost-effective garbage disposal repair.

Corona Del Mar Emergency Plumbers

We understand that plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. That’s why our Corona Del Mar emergency plumbers are always ready to respond to emergencies. Give us a call so a 24 hour plumber can respond quickly to address anything from a septic back-up or broken water heater to an overflowing toilet or plumbing leak. Our Corona Del Mar plumbing contractors have seen it all!

Corona Del Mar Leak Detection and Repair

Corona Del Mar Slab leaks are leaks that develop in your plumbing lines below or in your concrete foundation. Slab leaks can affect cold and hot water lines or drains and they are usually the result of corrosion of the pipes, poor installation, or shifts in your foundation or ground.

Because slab leaks aren’t visible, they can go undetected for months or even years. A slab leak can contribute to skyrocketing utility bills, water damage, mold, termite infestations, and more. When left unchecked, a hidden leak can even cause tens of thousands in property damage before you even know it’s there! Because these leaks are hidden, professional Corona Del Mar leak detection is the best way to locate the source of the leak so it can be repaired.

So, how do you know when you need slab leak repair in Corona Del Mar? You may have a few signs of a slab leak:

  • Mold or mildew under carpets or flooring
  • Hot spot on the floor which indicates a leak in a hot water line
  • You hear water running somewhere when all faucets are turned off
  • Water heater that runs constantly
  • Your water bill is very high with no known cause
  • Pooling water around your foundation or in your lawn. You may also notice a very lush spot of grass.

Corona Del Mar leak detection uses state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint the source of the leak without damaging your home. This technology can pick up the frequency of the sound of leaking water from a pipe, even through a wall or slab foundation. An experienced plumber will be able to tell if they are listening to a loose gasket, cracked pipe, or other plumbing issue and use the device to determine the precise location of the leak. Scott English Plumbing uses electronic leak detection to find slab leaks and other hidden leaks with prompt repair and minimal damage to your home. If you suspect you need slab leak repair in Corona Del Mar, contact your local Corona Del Mar plumbing company today for an estimate.

Corona Del Mar Drain Cleaning

Thinking about pouring a drain cleaner chemical down your slow or clogged drain? Don’t! Liquid drain cleaners may seem convenient and they may clear the clog — but it may come at a cost. Drain cleaners often do more harm than good with highly toxic fumes that can irritate your eyes and nose. Even worse, these chemicals can damage your pipes in the process of “cleaning” them. Most drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid and/or concentrated bleach that corrodes the pipes as it sits in them.

As your local Corona Del Mar drain cleaning company, we offer affordable rooter service and hydro-jetting to clear the clog for good without damaging your plumbing. Whether you have a clogged sink caused by hair and toothpaste, a clogged toilet, or a clogged floor drain, you can count on our reliable and affordable Corona Del Mar drain cleaning service to get your drains flowing again.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar

You may need an emergency plumber for some clogged drains but this isn’t usually an emergency service. That doesn’t mean you should only turn to a Corona Del Mar drain cleaning company when you’re stuck with a clogged or slow drain. Regular drain cleaning is also a preventative service that can save you from a call to a 24 hour plumber in the future.

Here’s how Corona Del Mar drain cleaning can help:

  • Fixes slow drains
    A slow drain is a sign that there is a clog somewhere in your pipe or main sewer line problems. A slow drain can cause unpleasant odors and contribute to mold. It’s also the first step before a completely stopped-up drain.
  • Reduces blockages in the future
    Regular drain cleaning doesn’t just solve the clogged sink today; it clears out your drains to prevent problems in the future. Regular drain cleaning can give you worry-free drains for years.
  • Reduces odors
    With a clogged or slow drain, sewage can sit in the pipe and allow the odors to come into your home. If your home has an unpleasant odor, especially around drains, give us a call.

What Is Corona Del Mar Hydro-Jetting?

Most homeowners are familiar with rooter service, which involves punching through clogs with a special rooter device. While a rooter can be effective at clearing clogs, we also offer hydro-jetting service. Corona Del Mar hydro-jetting is a method used by licensed Corona Del Mar plumbers to clean your drains completely from the inside out. Hydro-jetting doesn’t just punch a hole in a clog; it completely scours the inside of your pipes with water jets at 4000 PSI. Hydro-jetting services can remove years of built-up scale, grease, hair, and even tree roots inside your pipes to put a stop to slow-moving and stopped drains in your home.

Corona Del Mar Sewer Repair and Other Services

Don’t let your sewer line go ignored for long. With tree root intrusion and corrosion, you never know when a sewer back-up or whole-house stopped drains are around the corner. A Corona Del Mar sewer camera inspection allows you to stay on top of the condition of your sewer line so you can plan for the future and know when you need Corona Del Mar sewer repair before it’s too late.

Scott English Plumbing offers Corona Del Mar sewer camera inspection, sewer line cleaning, and sewer repair to keep your home’s plumbing system working flawlessly. We perform a video sewer inspection by attaching a camera to a flexible cable that’s inserted into your main sewer cleanout. A sewer camera inspection can:

  • Diagnose stoppage problems
  • Determine the type and condition of your sewer line
  • Locate damage to your sewer line

If we do find a serious problem with your sewer line, we offer reliable Corona Del Mar sewer repair to restore the condition of your sewer line. The most common form of sewer repair today is trenchless sewer replacement, which usually involves digging an access hole at either end of your sewer line. A pipe-within-a-pipe repair allows us to essentially install a new, seamless sewer line within your existing pipe.

Experiencing a sewer back-up? Are all of your floor-level drains stopped? Contact Scott English Plumbing right away for an emergency plumber who can respond quickly.

Corona Del Mar Water Heater Services

There are two primary types of Corona Del Mar water heaters: tankless and traditional tank water heaters. Tank water heaters are the most common because they’re affordable and capable of providing plenty of hot water to multiple sources simultaneously. Corona Del Mar tankless water heaters offer unique advantages, though, including hot water on demand, energy savings, and a much lower risk of water damage in the case of water heater failure.

Scott English Plumbing offers affordable water heater repair in Corona Del Mar. We replace and repair all types of water heaters, including Corona Del Mar tankless water heaters, gas models, and electric water heaters.

If your water heater is failing to produce hot water or the hot water runs out too fast, give us a call to request an estimate for water heater repair. The good news is many issues can be resolved quickly to get your home back in hot water. If your water heater is leaking, water heater repair in Corona Del Mar may not be enough. Leaks from the pipes can be repaired but when the tank itself is leaking, water heater repair isn’t possible and the unit will need to be replaced.

Scott English Plumbing is always here to handle any problem you are experiencing with cost-effective servicing of all brands and types of Corona Del Mar water heaters. We also offer 24 hour plumber services. If your water heater has stopped working or worse — it’s pouring water into your home, call our emergency plumber today.

Corona Del Mar Water Filtration and Water Softener Services

Concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Want to get rid of hard water for good? Your local Corona Del Mar water filtration specialists can install a high-quality water filtration system to remove chemicals and contaminants from your water.

Water Softener Installation in Corona Del Mar

Water treated with a quality water softener results in shinier and cleaner dishes and glassware, softer skin, softer and brighter fabrics, smoother hair, and reduced soap scum. It even stops hard water deposits around your plumbing fixtures. Appliances even run more efficiently with soft water without limescale that clogs pipes and reduces heat transfer. Your water heater alone can use up to 30% less energy per year by using soft water instead of hard water. By reducing limescale inside your plumbing, a water softener can even prolong the life of your plumbing and sewer system.

Scott English Plumbing offers affordable water softener installation in Corona Del Mar. Our plumbers in Corona Del Mar can transform the quality and feel of the water in your home to say goodbye to hard water for good.

Corona Del Mar Water Filtration Installation

Are you concerned about the quality of the water you drink? Don’t rely on small filters attached to your kitchen faucet. Did you know your Corona Del Mar plumbing professionals can install a whole-home water filtration system to deliver cleaner and better-tasting water to your whole home? Point-of-entry Corona Del Mar water filtration systems can be installed in the basement to treat all water that enters your home before it reaches your faucets. This system performs high-quality filtration that you will notice. Along with better-tasting water, the system will filter out fluoride, aluminum, lead, chlorine, and disinfection byproducts for safer water.

We can Help with All Your Corona Del Mar Plumbing Needs

The Corona Del Mar plumbing experts at Scott English Plumbing are always standing by for all of your residential plumbing needs. From emergency plumbing, toilet repairs, and drain cleaning to kitchen and bathroom remodeling and water filtration systems, our Corona Del Mar plumbers always deliver fair, upfront pricing, reliable service, and the best customer service possible.

Call a Corona Del Mar plumber today at 949-777-6308 to find out more about how we can help with plumbing in Corona Del Mar. Contact Scott English Plumbing today for all of your Corona Del Mar plumbing needs.

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