When to Use 24-hour Service?

At Scott English Plumbing, we provide a 24-hour emergency plumbing service. We know that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time and that it is best not to wait too long to have them repaired. Many emergencies can damage your home and some can create horrible smells. Unfortunately, people do not always call professional plumbers because they are unsure about what constitutes a plumbing emergency.

Our professional staff is ready to help with any plumbing emergency at any time of the day. Our staff will diagnose and repair the problem as quickly as possible to protect your home and family from the inconveniences that come with plumbing problems. While we do our best to fix every problem as quickly as possible, there are occasions when the problems require us to come back for more attention. We try to minimize your wait time so you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

When it comes to your plumbing, it is important to make that call when you have an emergency situation. These are a few of the more common emergency phone calls we receive at Scott English Plumbing. If you need us to help with these or other situations, please call us at: 714-987-9801 or (714) 987-9801 for immediate assistance.

Leaky Pipes

Since leaky pipes can cause major damage from flooding, it is vital that you call us as soon as you recognize the leak. You might hear the sound or see the leak, or the water pressure in your shower might suddenly drop; whatever you notice can be a sign of big trouble. You might not be able to see the pipe, but you might be able to see water damage inside of a wall. This is a true emergency and worth the time to call us for assistance. If you can get control of the leak, call us while you are making the temporary repair.

Severely Clogged Toilet

You do not have to be embarrassed to call us about a clogged toilet. When the plunger will not work, someone has to help and we are experts in getting the clogs out of the way. This can be a true crisis, especially in homes with one bathroom. We can determine rather quickly if the clog is severe or not, so call us when you are in doubt, but before you have to go…

Basement Flooding

Basement floods can come from many different problems. Your sump pump might not be working or you might have a clogged drain in the basement. You might even have a leak somewhere upstairs. Any water in the basement is cause for concern, especially if it builds up quickly. Give us a call as soon as you notice the water and we will get there as fast as possible to help figure out and solve the problem.

Sump Pump Issues

Doesn’t it always seem like the sump pump gives out during the worst storm of the year? In a home that requires assistance from a sump pump, when the pump gives out, flooding will come quickly. If your sump pump quits at any time of the day or night, we are available to help. We understand the severity of this problem and respect the emergency calls.

Water Heater Issues

Just like the sump pump breaking down during storms, water heaters tend to break down in the middle of a laundry load or when the hot shower is most needed. When you are out of hot water because of a water heater issue, do not wait until regular business hours. We can help get your hot water back at any time of the day or night.