Spring Plumbing Maintenance

As spring approaches, many Americans are eager to open their windows, let in some fresh air, and begin the spring cleaning ritual. There is just something about that yearly routine of washing windows and wiping down walls that makes us feel like spring has finally arrived.

When you do your spring cleaning, what does that entail? For most people, spring cleaning means a thorough cleaning of the inside of the home, and perhaps cleaning out the garage or sweeping off the front porch. You may not realize, however, that spring cleaning time is also a great time to perform a thorough check of your home plumbing system.

Yes, your plumbing needs some maintenance, too. Taking a little bit of time to inspect and make minor repairs to your plumbing can prevent a much bigger more expensive problem in the future. Here are the steps you should take to maintain your home plumbing.

  1. 1. The springtime is the perfect time to check your plumbing to make sure that nothing has been damaged by freezing pipes over the winter. Frozen pipes are the biggest culprit of damage to the plumbing system. In the winter, when your pipes get very cold, they can freeze. Freezing causes the water inside the pipes to expand, which can cause pipes to burst. Now, if an indoor pipe bursts, it won’t take very long before you know it. However, there could be other damage that you aren’t aware of, particularly on outside faucets. You should go for a walk around the house and check all of your faucets and spigots for damage. Pay attention to any area where water might be collecting.
  2. 2. You should also check inside your home for leaky faucets. Repairing a leaky faucet is really a simple fix, and it can save you money on your water bill. You would probably be surprised to learn how much water a leaky faucet actually uses. If your faucet is leaking, you most likely just need to replace the gasket. While you could hire a plumber to do it, you can probably handle this repair on your own.
  3. 3. An easy, yet important maintenance task is to remove the mineral buildup from your faucets. Hard water causes the accumulation of minerals on your faucet. You can get rid of this buildup simply by filling a plastic sandwich bag with vinegar and tying it around the faucet with a rubber band. The faucet should be submerged in the vinegar. Leave it like this overnight. When you get up in the morning, remove the bag and throw it out. Your faucets are now clean and free of mineral buildup.
  4. 4. Purchasing filters to go over your drains is a good idea. It can help you avoid clogged drains, which can be a major pain and much bigger expense.
  5. 5. Just like drains, you don’t want your gutters to clog. Emptying out your gutters, drains, and downspouts is a vital aspect of maintenance, and spring cleaning time is the perfect time to get this done and remove winter’s debris.

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