Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection

If leaks are not detected and fixed promptly, they can cause severe damage to your home. Leaking water can decay and erode the walls, foundation, ceilings and damage flooring. Rust can be caused, as well as mold, wood rot, termites, ants, and even more leaks.

Have you noticed your water bill increasing and your water pressure decreasing? Sometimes we just don't know if there is a leak at all. That is why we offer our thorough Electronic Leak Detection service.

What Causes Water Leaks?

Generally it's due to poor workmanship which often leads to the majority of plumbing system leaks. But if the leak is in the slab or floor leak, it could be caused by the foundation or building shifting. Leaks can also be caused when the plumbing materials rust, erode, or break down from wear and tear or even abrasive chemicals. Our electronic leak test helps us find your problem, what caused it, and now we can fix it.

What If I Can't See The Leaks?

Our Leak Test enables us to electronically detect and pin-point underground sewer line leaks, slab leaks, gas leaks, water leaks and leaks behind walls and partitions.

Our electric leak detection test takes us right to the source of the water. This is good news for you! Meaning we can detect a leak without being invasive or destructive to your home, making our job easier, more efficient, and more affordable for you - our customer.

Once our electronic leak detector has caught something, we have a full list of services available to fix the problem. Whether the leak is in the wall, the foundation, the ceiling, or the drain line, we can perform the necessary repairs and get your home back to normal fast. From a simple toilet or faucet replacement to a re-pipe behind a wall or in the slab, once we identify the problem, isolate and repair you'll rest easy with Our Guarantee To You!

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