How to Remedy Pipe Leaks

Have you heard the saying that the best time to repair a plumbing leak is before it happens? Well, that is entirely true and highlights the importance of letting experienced and licensed plumbers handle all your plumbing jobs. However, the reality is that pipes will eventually leak leaving you at times feeling hopeless. So how can you handle pipe leak repair?

Stopping Leaks

It is important to point out that pipe repair largely depends on the type of leak that you are facing. Typically, the degree of leaks can vary from a simple drip to one that can essentially flood your home. Let’s say that the pipe leak is caused by a loose joint, then all you have to do is to tighten the connection and the leaking pipe problem is resolved.

But, if the problem is with the pipe itself, then you either have to remove the section that is leaking or replace the entire pipe depending on its condition. Replacing pipes can be quite complicated depending on the actual plumbing layout in your home and the type of pipe used. This is where you really need to pick up the phone and call a licensed plumbing professional.

Alternative Solutions

If you are facing a leak that is not that serious, then you can make use of alternative solutions to repair leaks.

    1. Patch Kits – this pipe repair solution can be easily bought from your local hardware store. Or better yet, if you want to save a bit, make your own. All you need is a piece of heavy rubber that can go around the diameter of the leaking water pipe. If you have an old inner tube lying around this can do, all you need is to pair it up with a C-clamp.

Another option with patch kits is to use an old hose clamp with a rubber patch. The metal plates compresses the pad over the hole to stop the leak. This can be a permanent solution for pipe repair if the leak is not that strong and the condition of the pipe is still excellent.

  1. Waterproof Tape – this is a special compound that can be wrapped around the bad section of the pipe to stop the leak. It can be used with epoxy paste or plugged into the hole. It is important to make sure that the pipe is totally dry before the waterproof tape is applied. The tape should start about 2 to 3 inches before the leak and end approximately the same length away from it.
  1. Compound Stick – when dealing with small, pinhole-like leaks, this is one of the best alternative solutions. Just rub it over the leak and it goes to work. You do not even have to turn the water supply off to use this. Epoxy based compound sticks however will only work if the pipe section to be treated is dry.

All of these are wonderful solutions for pipe leak repair. The one thing that homeowners should understand is that when the condition of the pipe is already bad or it is very old, the possibility of springing a leak at another section could not be that far behind.

Inspecting the pipe for signs of corrosion can help in deciding on what is the best way to address the leak. If you are dealing with a pipe replacement scenario or perhaps a sewer pipeline repair, then you definitely have to call on a licensed professional plumbing service to handle the job.

The best way to handle any pipe repair is to still leave it to the experts. So contact Scott English Plumbing for all your pipeline repair needs.