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Orange County Sewer Cleaning

Why is Orange County Sewer Cleaning Important?

Cleaning the sewer system is a nasty but important job. If the sewers get clogged, sewage will back up in the pipes, and you can end up with a dirty, smelly mess in your house or business. Left untended, a clogged sewer can be a big ordeal, requiring that the yard or street be dug up. In these cases, you will definitely need a professional plumber to handle the repairs. Providing regular maintenance for your sewer can prevent bigger problems. Unfortunately, sewer clogs happen. It occurs naturally as a result of weather and exposure to the elements. Your sewer line can get clogged by the growth of roots into the pipes or by leaves and debris flowing through the system. If your sewer system is cleaned regularly, this is no big deal. However, if these sources of debris are left to accumulate in the sewer and aren’t cleaned out, the sewer system can back up into your house. Sewage may back up into your bathtub, toilet, or sink. That’s a mess that nobody wants to find in their bathroom or basement.

What Can We Do About Orange County Sewer Cleaning?

Scott English Plumbing can take care of cleaning your sewer system for you. We have all of the best tools for this job. Our video inspection services can identify problems inside the sewer line without tearing up your yard. Our high powered hydro jets and drain snakes can clear out clogs so that your sewer line is clear and running smoothly. If you have a problem with your sewer line or if you just require some regular maintenance, call Scott English Plumbing.

We are available 24/7, and we have quick response times to deal with plumbing emergencies. Give Scott English Plumbing a call, and we will come out to your home with our professional equipment to quickly resolve your plumbing issues.

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