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Does your tap water taste unusual? Does it sometimes come out an odd color and you’re wondering if it’s safe to drink? Have you installed a water purification or filtration system in your home before and you’re not sure if you need a new one now?

When you have questions about your water, give us a call at Scott English Plumbing and we’ll send someone out to evaluate your water quality. We’ll notify you if we find anything dangerous or unwanted and we’ll advise you as to which system might work best for your needs.

Water Purification

In the United States, about 90% of the water supply is safe to drink from the tap. It may not always taste great, but it’s not going to hurt you. This is true even if it comes out an unusual color. Color changes usually result from harmless algae growth.

However, if your water is dangerous, that’s where water purification comes in. Water purification removes dangerous chemicals or compounds from your water so it is safe to drink. Purification may change the color or taste of your water, too, though that’s a side effect of the chemical removal. People who should consider water filtration systems in Tustin include:

  • Those with high levels of chemicals like radon in their water. If your house tests high for radon and you get your water from a well dug in the same area, you should get your water tested, too.
  • Those with high levels of lead in their water. There are some easy tests that we can do to check your water for lead. Note that lead tends to be a problem in the water supply for a large area, not just for one house.
  • Those with damaged immune systems, like people who are HIV positive or who take certain medications. They may need to have chemicals removed from their water that most people can tolerate.

Water Filtration Systems in Tustin

Water filtration, while it may take dangerous things out of your water, can also serve to remove chemical and compounds that you simply find annoying or irritating. Some people don’t like how their water tastes when it contains certain minerals, for instance, even though the minerals are perfectly safe to consume.

Similarly, compounds that cause hard water can cause problems for appliances, like your dishwasher or your washing machine, and some people will choose to install a filter to avoid these problems.

What Do I Need?

If you’re concerned about your water quality, we will come test it for you. There are many ways to check your water for chemicals, both those that are dangerous and those that might irritate you.

We’ll figure out what is going on with your water supply and what we can do to mitigate any problems. Once you’ve chosen your water filtration systems in Tustin, your plumbing experts from Scott English Plumbing will get them installed for you. We’ll show you how your system works, and we won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with your water purification or filtration solution.

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