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tustin water leak detection and repair

Is there a pipe leaking in your house? Sometimes, leaks can remain hidden for quite a while before you know they’re there. Most of the time, though, you’ll know right away when there’s a leak in your plumbing system.

When that happens, call us at Scott English Plumbing. We’ll come out and repair your leak as soon as possible, so you can get back to your normal daily routine.

Signs of a Leak

The most obvious indication of a leak is water spraying everywhere. The following are also signs that you need to have a plumber out to perform leak detection in Tustin ASAP.

  • Unexplained water. If you open the cupboard under your sink and find that everything is wet, that’s a sign that something has gone wrong with your sink’s plumbing. In fact, whenever you see evidence of water, you don’t know why it’s there, and you can’t find an explanation, it’s time to call someone out to look for a leak.
  • Wet ceiling or walls. If you notice that your walls are wet, that’s a sure sign of a leak. If a pipe starts to leak inside the walls, it will dampen them until there are obvious signs that something is wrong.
  • Higher water bill. You may also notice that your water bill is going up for no reason. If you are being asked for more money but you’re not using any more water, something is wrong. Usually, it’s an invisible water leak.
  • New and persistent mold and mildew growth. If you notice new or persistent mold or mildew growth, you may have an invisible leak. Water from leaks can provide moist areas where mold and mildew thrive.

OC Leak Detection and Repair

If you notice any signs of a leak, give Scott English Plumbing a call as soon as possible. We’ll send an expert out when it’s convenient for you. Our plumbers are all trained in leak detection in Tustin, so you can feel sure that they will determine what has gone wrong and perform the necessary repair quickly and efficiently.

Our plumbers will let you know what will be involved in your OC leak detection and repair, how much it will cost, and how much time it will take. We strive to be straightforward with you about everything. If there are any options pertaining to your repair, we’ll explain them, answer your questions, and let you know what we think will work best for your home. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied, with a repair that gets your home back the way you want it.

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