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Drain Cleaning in Tustin

Are you sick of dealing with a clogged drain? Have you searched “how to unclog my drain”, only to have the drain clog up again? When that happens, call us at Scott English Plumbing for all of your Tustin drain cleaning needs. We’ll send out a professional plumber ASAP. Before long, your clogged drain will be gone!

Fast, Easy Drain Cleaning and Repair

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If you have a single drain that is causing problems, our plumbers can often use a professional-grade plumbing snake to remove your clog. These are better quality than the flimsy snakes you can rent from a local hardware store and our plumbers know how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

We won’t get a plumbing snake stuck in your drain during your Tustin drain cleaning and we won’t do anything that might cause drain damage. Your drain cleaning & plumbing professional is an expert, so you won’t have to worry about anything. If the snake doesn’t work, your plumber will keep attacking your clog until it’s gone.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Sometimes, the answer to, “how to unclog my drain” lies in your sewer lines. If you have repeated clog issues, clogs all over your house at once, or randomly-placed-but-frequent clogs, chances are that your sewer is the culprit. That’s why none of your usual drain solutions work for very long!

We’ll start by figuring out what the clog consists of and where it is in your sewer line. Your drain cleaning & plumbing expert will send a camera down your sewer line. It contains a locator that we can detect from the surface. Once we find your clog, we’ll go outside and determine exactly where it lies. Then we’ll determine the best way to proceed with your sewer drain repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs & Hydro Jetting

Most of the time, we can use trenchless methods to eliminate your sewer drain clog. These allow us to get the clog out without digging up your sewer. Gone are the days when plumbers had to dig massive trenches all the way to the street. Now, we perform your repair using the same access port in your home that we used to send the camera down the sewer.

We usually use hydro-jetting as our first sewer cleanout method. This involves shooting a highly-concentrated stream of water through your sewer line. The water is powerful enough to break up everything from tree roots to grease clogs and more. In fact, it leaves your pipes looking like they are new. We have other methods we can use, too, if we can’t hydro jet your lines.

Call Scott English for Drain Cleaning in Tustin, CA!

At Scott English Plumbing, we’ll get your drain cleaning and repair finished no matter what it takes. We know that you can’t live well when you have drain clogs because you can’t use your home normally. Call today to make an appointment for your Tustin drain cleaning!

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