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Costa Mesa Leak Detection

If your water bills are increasing drastically, then you need to call us here at Scott English Plumbing for a Costa Mesa slab leak detection services as soon as possible. While you may notice water leaks inside your home, you can’t see this problem when it occurs inside the foundation of a home or business. Fortunately, our plumbing company offers professional leak locator in Costa Mesa services. Give us a call 24/7 at (714) 987-9801 to schedule services today! You can also visit our Costa Mesa leak detection professionals at 1230 N. Jefferson St. H Anaheim, CA 92807.

Reasons You May Need Costa Mesa Leak Locating Services

With Costa Mesa leak detection, we can find a water leak so that we can make a repair to the pipes, helping to prevent additional moisture damage along with saving money on your monthly utility bills. There are several additional signs of water pipe leaks, including:

  • Visible leaks (moisture accumulating on slabs)
  • Cracks in cement slabs
  • Mold or mildew
  • Increased water bills

To fix these problems, call us to hire slab leak repair Costa Mesa experts as soon as possible.

Leak Locator in Costa Mesa Service is Available at Homes and Businesses

Our leak detection technicians have the correct equipment to test for the moisture leaks in building foundations. With Costa Mesa concrete slab leak detection, we can determine where the moisture is leaking so that we can plan a repair. After determining if there are leaks, we can locate the holes and cracks so that we can use epoxy resins to fix the damage. This requires injecting the resins into the water pipes along with making sure that the resins are dry before we turn the water on. We can fix an assortment of water pipe materials such as galvanized steel and copper.

Call Our Leak Detection Technicians Today

Our Costa Mesa concrete slab leak detection plumbers are available today to work at commercial or residential properties. When you need help with reliable and affordable Costa Mesa leak locating services, just give us here at Scott English Plumbing a call, 24/7.

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