Why You Should Get a Pipeline Inspection before Purchasing a Home

When you are getting ready to purchase a home, there is so much to think about. You have to apply for a mortgage and get homeowners’ insurance. If you currently own a home, you have the added burden of trying to sell your home and keeping it clean for showings. When you find the home of dreams, one of the most important steps to take before closing the deal is getting inspections. As part of your bid, your real estate agent will probably ask you if you want to have a home inspection, a pest inspection, and a radon inspection. All of these inspections are a good choice. However, you should also request a sewer inspection.

A sewer inspection is not included as part of a routine home inspection. It is an important inspection to have before you sign on the dotted line, though. Purchasing a home only to move in and find out, days later, that the sewer system is full of tree roots, is an unwelcome surprise.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get a sewer inspection before purchasing a home.

    1. 1. Problems with sewer lines can occur regardless of the age of the house. In a home that is just 20 years old, tree roots can interfere with the sewer lines. In a brand new home, the sewer pipes may have been installed incorrectly. Sewer inspections are not just for old houses.
    1. 2. It is quite common for tree roots to grow into a sewer line. Now, this doesn’t always spell disaster. Sometimes, chemicals can be used to kill the roots and resolve the issue. Other times, though, the roots might grow back. In some cases, the pipes are damaged and must be removed and replaced. This is certainly a situation that you should know about before you buy a home.
    1. 3. If your home was built before there was access to a city sewer, it may be connected to a cesspool. When city sewer systems became available, they were sometimes linked in to existing cesspools. You can find out whether your home’s sewer system is connected to a cesspool by getting a sewer inspection.
  1. 4. The sewer lines could be constructed from poor materials. In the 1950s, sewer lines were commonly installed with a tar paper called Orangeburg. Orangeburg is now known to disintegrate and collapse. However, some homes still have Orangeburg in their sewer systems. Any sewer system that uses this material should be replaced.

It is easy to get a sewer inspection. You can ask your real estate agent for a recommendation, or you can call a reputable plumber of your choice. Plumbers have advanced techniques like video inspection that they use to inspect sewer lines. They can send a camera down the pipes and literally see what is inside of the pipes without having to dig up the yard.

If you are buying a home, call Scott English Plumbing. Our plumbers will come out to your home and use video inspection to thoroughly inspect your sewer. This gives you peace of mind and security, knowing that there aren’t any hidden problems that could cause you major expenses in your new home.

We also provide plumbing inspection services for the rest of your home, and we install new appliances. Whether you have a plumbing emergency, want an inspection, or need help installing appliances in your new home, the pros at Scott English Plumbing are ready and qualified to help. Just give us a call today, and we’ll be right out.