Why Does My Water Heating Pipe Leak Water?

Water heaters have become one of the most indispensable plumbing appliances in many modern homes. What would become of us if we didn’t have our soothing and relaxing hot showers, right? Imagine the convenience of ready-to-use hot water for our kitchens. However, sometimes, it cannot be avoided that we will encounter some problems with our water heater and its connection pipes. So here are some issues to consider.

Why does my exhaust pipe leak water?

When there are droplets of water either on top or the bottom part of the tank (even the inside the combustion chamber), you need to inspect the draft hood positioned over the vent hole to see if it is centered with the legs securely screwed on and straight. Check if air is being pulled out of the pipe and nothing is being returned. Inspect for signs of rust and cracks at the bottom portion or the assembly points. Make sure that you have protective gloves when you do the inspection.

This question is similar to the concern of why does my tail pipe leak water? You see, when the flue assembly is not positioned properly towards the chimney, you need to adjust the pipe with the installation of hangers. The dripping water may be caused by rainwater coming in. This means replacement of the cap on the roof is necessary.

A damaged hood definitely needs to be replaced. When there are cracks, these have to be sealed using high temperature silicone sealant products. Fixing problems associated with the flue must be done immediately to avoid the release of carbon monoxide into the home.

Why does an overflow pipe leak?

Generally, there are 3 reasons to consider with a leaking overflow pipe; increased water pressure, faulty float valve, and overused washer.

When there is increased water pressure in the tank, it will force the water out the overflow pipe. Partially tightening the inlet valve can lower water pressure. Inlet valves control water flow to the tank. Faulty float valves makesoverflow pipes to leak. Check if there is no water in the ball of the float valve. An overused washer happens when it is immersed constantly in water. You can replace the washer to stop the overflow pipe from leaking.

If the problem is not with these components, you can also consider a faulty thermostat. Keep in mind that thermostats control temperature and once it goes faulty, it can make the temperature to go beyond what is allowed by the manufacturer.

Why do pipe threads leak?

First off, you cannot conclude that you are doing something wrong. You need to remember that some pipes are made from low quality materials. If you are sure that the pipe are of good quality, then you have to take care not to overtighten your water connections.

It is important to understand that regardless whether it is plastic or metal, the threads can be damaged because of improper threading to the mate fitting. Once the thread has been damaged, you have no recourse but to throw it out. Hand-tighten the fittings then apply a quarter turn with a wrench, this should be sufficient to keep the connection leak-free.

Another thing to consider is the width of the threads. When the threads are wide enough that water can flow through, it will still leak even when the fittings are properly joined. You would have to use Teflon tape to resolve the leak. If there is a washer, make sure that it is not worn out; this can be another source of leaks.

Why does copper pipe leak?

There are many reasons why copper pipes can leak. One of the most common has something to do with dirty surface of the pipes and fittings. Copper pipes are soldered together so any dirt can prevent proper sealing of the joints resulting in leaks.

Sweating solder joints is another source of the problem. Heated joints melt the solder that results in the drawing up of the solder into the joint. This is why it is important to ensure that copper pipes are heated evenly when soldering. It will ensure that the solder will flow in at once without any gaps.

The overheating of the soldered joints will result in distortion that will prevent them from fitting properly. This is why it is so important to ensure that copper pipes are soldered only by trained professionals because it can be a very costly mistake.

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