What’s New with Bathrooms?

Every year, thousands of homeowners think about remodeling or updating their bathrooms. But what are the things that you can do to update the interior look of your bathroom? Aside from new plumbing fixtures, is there anything else that you can do to spice up your bathroom and increase the value of your home? Actually there are plenty and as for 2017, these are the current trends that you can consider.


Let’s begin with the choice of materials. What materials would be considered as trendy? So far there is a pull towards natural materials as well as material combos. For many homeowners using wood and stone materials to achieve a more modern look is highly preferred. The integration of these materials into the bathroom design may take some effort depending on the current appearance of your bathroom.

The good news is that these material can be used for a variety of purposes from bathroom vanities to backsplashes. This means that you will be seeing a lot more of rough and natural materials in many bathrooms starting 2017. For homeowners who are conscious about the environment, reclaimed materials like reclaimed wood for example can be very attractive.


Loud is not really the message for bathrooms this year. The preference is swinging towards the side of neutral and muted colors. This trend is attributed to the fact that these types of colors would perfectly complement the natural materials that will be used in most bathrooms. So expect to see a lot more of brown, gray, gray-blue combinations, and cream in many bathrooms. The various shades of these colors may also become popular for the year.


One of the most common problems with bathrooms is humidity. The inclusion of plant life into the bathroom designs will help to deal with the problem of humidity. You don’t have to put up a bathroom garden, just a few pieces or at the corners would help you achieve a natural and more relaxed environment. This would be consistent with the intent of a bathroom, which should have a relaxing atmosphere.

This will work even with bigger bathrooms. The difference is that when dealing with larger spaces, you need to use larger plants to dominate the open spaces and create a specific focal point when someone enters the bathroom.


There are many different kinds of tiles, but have you heard about tiles that don’t even look like tiles? Confusing? Undoubtedly, a lot has changed with the way tiles have been manufactured. The improvement in the technology has allowed tiles to be produced in a variety of styles and looks. So if you want to put a wooden emphasis in your bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to use wood. You can rely on a wood-like looking tile.

What is the great thing about this? For one, you don’t have to worry about protecting it against water. You successfully get that natural wooden look but not the weakness to water. And you have a lot of choices open to you like brick, fabric, and stone look-alikes for example.


Have you heard about curbless showers? This is a considerably new design that puts extra emphasis on safety, especially for seniors. The curbless shower reduces the possibility of older people tripping on the shower curbs as they attempt to get in or out of the shower.

Aside from this safety design, this type of shower is sleek and beautiful, which means that it can amp up the look of your bathroom instantly. With an excellent minimalist appearance, you can have a contemporarily beautiful bathroom in your home.


What good is renovating or remodeling your bathroom if your plumbing fixtures still waste a lot of water and energy? It is time to consider environmentally friendly fixtures as part of better and more beautiful bathroom designs. This can mean switching your current plumbing fixtures to low-flow models so that you consume less water and energy.

As a result of this water and energy conservation, you can see a substantial reduction in the amount of money you have to pay for your bills. The great news about this is that the longer you use these green plumbing fixtures, the more savings you get.

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