Water Conservation on Earth Day

Although Earth Day might have passed or is coming soon, to celebrate this special day, you can start by establishing some water conservation habits and making some small changes to your home plumbing.

Water is very precious and at times scarce commodity and it takes some amount of energy to sanitize and deliver it to your home.

Therefore saving the planet and minimizing the amount of water going down the drain should be of major concern to you.

Here are some tips to help you get started in doing this:

  • Start xeriscaping your lawn. What this means is that you should start using native plants that tend to grow normally with little or no additional water needed. This will ensure that mother nature does most of the work for you.
  • – Use savaged water when watering your plants. Savaged water simply means water that you are able to reclaim while doing household chores. For example, keeping a bucket in the shower to capture water while it is heating, setting up rain buckets and washing your fruits and vegetables in pans of water rather than under the faucet.
  • – Reduce the amount of time that you leave the faucet running. When brushing your teeth, washing the dishes and doing other tasks, ensure that you and other members of your household turn off the faucet when it is not needed.
  • – When washing your clothes using the washing machine or using the dishwasher, ensure that the machine is fully loaded before starting a new load. This will ensure that you get the most out of your clothes and also reduce the amount of water being used.
  • Keep track of your water bill and meter every month. By doing so you will be able to track your usage over time. This will help you to cut back and most importantly, you get to notice if there is a sudden spike in your meter bill. These sudden spikes are a sign of water being wasted.
  • – Are your household appliances like your washing machine or dish washer old? Shop for newer appliances that are designed to consume less water and are also energy efficient. By doing this regularly, you will minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Always consider new plumbing fixtures when thinking of doing upgrades around your house. Things like efficiency showerheads which are very cheap and can be easily done by you are essential. Also using the new water conserving toilets may help you save up to 20 percent of the water you use every time you flush.
  • – One thing you can also do is to start taking short showers. Get in, do the job and get out. No need wasting time and water every time you take a shower.
  • – Position your sprinklers so water lands on the lawn and gardens not on paved areas like your gutter. Also avoid using the sprinklers on a windy day.
  • – Keep the hose turned off while washing your car. What you can do is to wash, then rinse and switch off.
  • – Clean your sidewalks and driveways with a broom and not a hose.

By following the above mentioned tips you will help in saving the planet. If you need a hand in fixing water efficient plumbing upgrades or any other eco-friendly improvements in your home, then contact Scott English Plumbing now.