Unique Traits of Various Sinks: 3 Types of Sink to Consider

You don’t have to be a professional chef or be in the restaurant business to desire a beautiful kitchen sink in your home. Considering the unique traits of various sinks will increase the beauty and value of your home especially if you entertain guests often. Choosing a sink usually boils down to the type of material, but, there are other things to consider. What else should we look at?

Stainless Steel Sinks

These types of sinks are considered the most popular in the market today. In fact, 70% of the sinks out there are made from stainless steel material. What makes this so popular? For one, it is comparatively inexpensive even if name brands can cost you $300 on the average.

Versatility is one of the factors that make stainless steel sinks so popular. This means that you will find it in top mount, undermount, and other types of configuration. What sets one stainless steel sink from another is its gauge. A lower gauge means the steel will be heavier.

Majority of sinks have a gauge range of 15 to 24 while those used in residences normally fall between 18 and 22. The thickness of the steel sheet is from 0.048 to 0.030 inches. Should you therefore choose a heavier sink? If we go by conventional wisdom, it would seem that the lower gauge would be better. However, this is not always true because heavier gauges are slightly better when it comes to resistance to dents and are less noisy.

This is very important since stainless steel is comparatively noisier and has the tendency to scratch easily despite its durability. The appearance of water spots is also something you need to deal with because these are easier to see with stainless steel sinks. The great part though is that these sinks are highly resistant to stains and heat.

Composite Granite Sinks

These new types of sinks are made from the latest materials that are composed of 80% quarts sand, the hardest type of granite element. This means that it is both easy to maintain and allows for extremely high levels of resistance.

This type of composite sink also offers a widely unique variety of colors that supports easy matching with almost any type of kitchen décor. However, some of the most important properties of the composite granite sink that you can focus on are:

  • – Easy cleaning;
  • – Resistance to scratches;
  • – Heat resistance of up to 280 degrees;
  • – Resistance to acid and fading;
  • – Completely safe for food preparation;
  • – Shielded against bacteria and dirt; and
  • – Resistant to breakage.

These types of sinks come in various sizes, configurations, and are widely available as there are only a few pure granite sinks that are being sold. If you are looking for durability, beauty, and reasonable price, this is definitely an option to consider.

Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

This heavy-duty material is one of the more popular choices today because of its durability. Made from a specialized clay that is glazed and fired at extremely high temperatures, it produces a sink that I trendy yet classic and highly attractive.

Despite its name, it is not only applicable for farmhouses, but essentially in any home. This type of sink is known for its deep and large design making it applicable for heavy usage. It is normally attacked to the counter using its three sides either in an undermount or overmount configuration. The front is finished making the sink easy to reach and stylish.

This sink though is not a new innovation as it has been around for more than 200 years. Fireclay sinks gained extreme popularity in London where it was used mostly in farmhouses and industrial settings. Its resilience and practicality makes it the popular choice for homes where the kitchen sink finds rigorous use.

If you are looking for a unique kitchen sink, these are definitely three that you must consider. Make sure though to call Scott English Plumbing to make sure that it is connected properly to your plumbing system, otherwise, you are wasting a good kitchen sink.