Top Kitchen Problems and Solutions

Do you spend a lot of time in your kitchen? Do you love cooking but hate the cleaning that has to be done after? If this is the case, then there is a very good chance that you have experienced one or any of these common kitchen problems that may seem impossible to solve. Let us take a look at each one to help you solve them.

Dishwasher Problems

There are typically two problems encountered when it comes to dishwashers. First is that it is noisy during operation, which is often traced to a faulty part. However, you should never discount simpler reasons like going beyond the manufacturer’s recommended load. Another possible reason is when the dishwasher is not on a level surface that results in thumping noises during the cycle. Thumping or chattering noises can also be associated with an inlet valve that must be professionally replaced.

The second common dishwasher problem you may come across is leaking. Usually the problem of leaking is traced to damaged or loose hoses. It is likewise possible that too much detergent has been placed into the dishwasher or perhaps the dishes have been loaded incorrectly. All of these can be remedied quite easily, but, if the cause of the leaking is due to a defective pump seal, then you would need to call for professional plumbing help.

Faucet Problems

When it comes to faucets, seals, washers, and other worn out parts are the common cause of the problem. In which case, there will come a point where you may need to take apart the faucet assembly and put it back together after replacing the worn out part. Did your faucet come with an instruction manual? Keep it in a secure place so that you would know how to disassemble it without damaging the faucet.

Faucet repair kits are widely available in home centers so there is no reason why leaks or improper water flow should not be repaired immediately. Normally, when water flow or lack of pressure is the problem with your kitchen faucet, cleaning the aerator can do wonders. Take extra care when removing the aerator to make sure that it does not crack or break.


When it comes to kitchen problems and solutions, it is almost impossible not to include drains. The reality is that blocked kitchen drains are one of the most common problem in most households. This is truer when a garbage disposal unit is attached. As the garbage disposal unit breaks down, food particles become trapped in the pipes causing blockage and potential backflow. Plunging the affected drain can be a short-term solution until you can have professionals give your drains a thorough check.

You do not have to wait for the drains to be completely clogged. The moment that you notice that the drain is becoming slow, try to inspect it using a flashlight. Any foreign object can be removed using a pair of tweezers. A good preventive measure is to install drain screens to keep out food particles and other materials that can clog your drains. The great thing about this is that drain screens are very affordable and easily available in most hardware stores.

Foul Odors

Have you ever dealt with foul odors from your kitchen sink? This is another common issue that you can encounter because of the different types of food and materials that go through your kitchen. As far as foul odors go, the likelihood is that the problem has to do with the drain trap.

What drain trap you say? This is the drainage specially designed for your kitchen. It holds small amounts of water that help to prevent the smell of the sewer from coming up through the kitchen pipes. When the water in the drain trap dries up, foul odor can creep into your kitchen through the sink. The best way to solve this problem is to call on professional plumbers because it can be an indication of a leak or improper fitting.

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