Toilet Leaks in Orange County

Toilets are one of the most important modern conveniences ever invented. Imagine what the world would be like if we had to use outhouses or dig holes in the ground. For as important as the modern toilet it, it is one of the most overlooked conveniences in our homes, until something goes wrong.

Diagnose the Symptoms

A leaky toilet is more than just a nuisance. It is a problem that can create many more problems. Along with leaking, toilets that continually run, are noisy, or have trouble flushing or refilling can become expensive to repair or replace if they are neglected. Fortunately, the people at Scott English Plumbing are experts in fixing toilet leaks in Orange County.

Learn How a Toilet Works

Homeowners will often try to repair a toilet on their own prior to calling a plumber for help. Toilets are rather simple machines to understand and it never hurts to learn about the plumbing devices in your home. A little knowledge goes a long way, especially when you have toilet leaks Orange County.

Know the Parts Under the Lid

Toilets have a few different parts that are under the lid. If you lift the lid and flush, you will quickly see how the toilet works. First, the chain that is attached to the handle lifts the tank ball. This allows water to flow into the toilet bowl from the flush valve. The wastewater then travels down into the main drain from the trap. After the tank empties, the tank ball lets the valve close and the tank refills. The floating ball will stop the water from filling the tank when it reaches a certain point.

Learning how the toilet works makes it easier to diagnose the problem and explain it to us when you call.

Water on the Floor

When a toilet leaks, it is common to have water on the floor around the toilet. It is vital to clean this up and repair the toilet immediately so your subfloor stays dry. It is important to look for symptoms immediately. So, check the tank bolts and the mounting for the tank ball, even the coupling nut in the tank. There are many problems that could create a leak. If you are uncomfortable doing this, give us a call and we will quickly come to help take care of any toilet leaks Orange County.

Condensation on the Bowl or Tank

In humid weather, it is common for toilets to have condensation build up on the bowl and the tank. The water in the toilet is cold, so it is easy for condensation to build up. At Scott English, we can install a toilet liner and we can help add ventilation to the bathroom.

Cracked Bowls or Tanks

If you find that the toilet tank or bowl has a crack, it is time to buy a new toilet. Our experts can install a toilet quickly.

Leaks During Flushes

Another common problem with leaking toilets involves the wax ring that seals the toilet to the base. The wax ring keeps the water from leaking at the base. You can tell if the culprit is the wax ring because the toilet will leak during the flush. It is much easier to hire a plumber than to replace the wax ring on your own.

Call Us for Help

When you let a toilet continue to leak, make noise, or have trouble filling or flushing, you are simply waiting for expensive repairs to occur. If the subfloor gets wet, you could have leaks in the walls and ceilings – which can require drywall work. Instead of hoping that the toilet will repair itself (which it won’t), the expert plumbers at Scott English Plumbing can repair toilet leaks Orange County before they get too problematic.