Tips for Garbage Disposal Installation in Orange County

If you’re looking for garbage disposal installation in Orange County, a plumber is definitely the way to go. However, it does help to have somewhat of an idea about what you are doing. This way you can make sure that everything is all set up for the plumber when he arrives. Follow this step by step process to prepare for garbage disposal installation:

  1. 1. Make sure that you have a dedicated 20 amp 120 voltage outlet under the sink or in close proximity to where the garbage disposal will be installed. If you don’t have the electrical requirements to have a garbage disposal, you might need to call an electrician.
  2. 2. Before a plumber will be able to install the garbage disposal, he will need for the circuit that supplies power to the plug where the disposal will be to be turned off. Go ahead and shut it down by taking out the fuse at the electrical panel or by shutting down the circuit breaker that powers the plug.
  3. 3. If you have an old garbage disposal in place, then it will need to be removed. This is a little less complicated of a process if you want to attempt it, but the plumber can probably still do it easier than you can.

This is where the plumber comes into the picture, but if you want to attempt the job, then read on.

  1. 4. Install the part that will hold the disposal in place. There’s a mounting ring and a flange that will fasten on both sides of the sink drain. You should seal the sink first with plumber’s putty and then press the pieces down into the putty. Then put the gasket and attachment ring onto the bottom at the flange.
  2. 5. Make sure the power cord is attached to the unit before it is installed.
  3. 6. Try to determine if the dishwasher will run through the garbage disposal. This is one tip that you really might need to ask a plumber about because not every installation will run through the dishwasher. If you are not sure about this or to get help actually running the disposal through the dishwasher, make sure that you call a professional because it gets really complicated if you have to do that.
  4. 7. Next make sure that the disposal lines up with the three mounting brackets on the part that holds it under the sink. It helps to have an extra set of hands for this.
  5. 8. Use the screws and gasket to attach the discharge tube to the disposal. You will probably have to turn the disposal a bit to get it to line up.
  6. 9. Make sure that all of the connections are on tightly. Leaks can occur if you do not tighten everything properly. Don’t forget to lock the disposer to the bottom of the sink.
  7. 10. Run water through to check for leaks in the system.

Remember that it is always best to call a plumber rather than to attempt to do this job on your own. As you can see, it’s a rather complex process that might be difficult to complete if this isn’t something you do every day. Call Scott English Plumbing to get help with your garbage disposal installation in Orange County. With more than 19 years of experience in the plumbing industry, they know everything there is to know about installing garbage disposal. In addition, they also offer:

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