The Types of Professional Drain Cleaning

professional drain cleaning

When you need drain cleaning or drain repair in Anaheim, call in an experienced plumber from Scott English Plumbing. We hire some of the best local plumbers in Anaheim with the best in education and experience, then we invest in developing their skills even more. By the time they come to you, they are more than competent to solve any drain problem you might have including clogged drain repair. Our local plumbers in Orange County have knowledge of all the ways to unclog drains efficiently, so you can get back to living the life you love.

Simple Drain Cleaning

Our professional drain cleaning experts can quickly determine the type of drain clog you have. If you only have one drain that is clogged, they will try to remove or break up the clog in the line directly below wherever you’re experiencing the clog. Most of the time, they’ll use a plumbing snake to do this.

These flexible cables can be threaded down your drain but should always be done so by an expert on drain repair in Anaheim. We use professional-grade snakes, which are more robust and easier to use than the ones available for rent at your local hardware store. They won’t get stuck in your lines and, instead, will get rid of your drain clog fast.

Sometimes, we will use chemical drain cleaners to try to clear your line, too. These can damage your pipes but, when used under an expert eye, can also remove the clog fast.

Complex Drain Cleaning

If neither of the above methods works to unclog your drains or you have multiple clogged drains in your home, we’ll take a look at your sewer. First, we’ll send a camera on a flexible cable down your sewer line to see if there’s a clog there. If we find one, the camera will tell us exactly where it is and what it is made of, which helps us choose the right strategy for your sewer drain line clearing.

We’ll work with you to find the best way to clean out your sewer. Most of the time, we can use trenchless methods to get the job done. These don’t require us to dig up your entire yard, like in a conventional sewer cleaning or repair. Instead, we’ll do your drain line clearing through the same access port that we threaded the camera cable through. Before long, your sewer will be back to normal without any hassle to you!

Get Professional Drain Cleaning Today

Whether your clogged drain ends up being a simple problem or a complex one, our local plumbers in Orange County will get to the bottom of it to find out what is causing it. Then we’ll remove the clog, wherever we find it, so you can stop worrying about your drains and get back to your regular schedule quickly. Call us at Scott English Plumbing for drain cleaning in Anaheim today! We work 24/7 in Orange County to be of service to you!