The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Every homeowner knows that there are going to be plumbing emergencies once in a while. Clogged drains and damaged pipes are just a fact of life. However there are steps you can take in order to avoid these emergencies. Of course you won’t be able to avoid every single emergency, but you can at least reduce their likelihood of happening. Here are the five most common emergencies plumbers deal with and a few tips to help you avoid them.

Woman cleaning up a plumbing emergency.Pipes that Have Burst

This is one of the biggest problems plumbers deal with because the water tends to come out of these pipes rapidly, and the more water that comes out, the worse your home will be damaged. The most important thing homeowners should learn about burst pipes is to flip the water shutoff valve immediately. If you don’t know where this valve is, then you need to take a few minutes and learn its location. Flipping this valve is the only way you can mitigate damage to your home. In order to avoid this problem, just take steps to correct plumbing problems immediately in order to avoid waiting until the pipe has actually burst.

How to Fix a Small Leak in a Pipe

After activating the water shut off valve, clean the area of the pipe where the leak is located. Then wrap the spot thoroughly with electrical tape, being sure to cover the crack or hole. If the joint of the pipe is leaking, you can place some epoxy over it to temporarily stop the leak.

These are not permanent repairs; you can use epoxy or electrical tape to temporarily stop the flow of water and prevent further problems until a plumber arrives, but you should not consider this a permanent repair. Next, call Scott English Plumbing for pipe repair. We offer copper pipe repair!

Pipes that Have Frozen

This problem is most common in homes that are sitting empty, although it can occur in occupied homes as well. If the pipe hasn’t broken open yet, you can use hot water bottles to thaw it out slowly. Remember that water expands and contracts as it changes temperature, so you shouldn’t do this too quickly. You can avoid allowing the pipe to freeze by leaving a trickle of water on during very cold periods. Flowing water doesn’t freeze as easily as water that’s sitting still. Also consider adding insulation around pipes that are located along the outside walls of your home.

Plumbing Fixtures that are LeakingA copper pipe burst plumbing emergency.

Usually hair or some other object stuck in the trap of the fixtures is the reason for the leak, so turn off the shutoff valve to the fixture and check the trap. You should call in a plumber to handle the repair so that you know it’s fixed correctly. Use drain covers in drains where hair or other objects are more likely to fall in order to help avoid this problem. Of course sometimes leaks also occur just because the fixture is old and needs to be replaced.

Drains or Toilets that are Blocked

A plunger is the easiest way to attempt to fix this problem. Of course your number one defense against it is just being careful about how much and what goes down the drain. Scott English Plumbing offers top-quality bathroom plumbing services.

Gas Leaks

Sometimes plumbers do deal with gas leaks as well. You should evacuate the structure immediately if you smell gas because this creates a very dangerous situation. You may be able to shut off the gas valve with a little professional help, but it is not advisable that you handle this problem on your own because of how dangerous it is. We can inspect your gas line, then repair it!

Some Bonus DIY Plumbing Repairs

While these repairs aren’t necessarily for emergencies, we figured you’d appreciate the information.

How to Stop a Squeaky Faucet

A faucet fixed by Scott English Plumbing.You might notice when you turn your faucet on or shut it off that it makes a noise. Typically, this noise is high-pitched and squeaky. This usually means that the washer inside the faucet needs to be replaced. The washers are made of rubber, and over time, they tend to harden. When the water runs over the old, hardened washer, that squeaky sound is produced. Washers are easy to replace. Just pick up a kit from your local home improvement store, and follow the directions on the package. If your faucet itself is getting old or outdated, this might be a good opportunity to replace the entire faucet.

How to Stop a Bathtub That Empties Too Quickly

Does your bathtub start to empty as soon as you get it filled up? This is a pretty common plumbing hassle, but it is simple to fix. The culprit here is the overflow plate; its length needs to be adjusted to keep the tub from draining so quickly. You have probably noticed that below the faucet in your bathtub, there is a round metal plate. This is the overflow plate. Start by unscrewing it. Once it is unscrewed, carefully pull on the plate, removing the assembly from the wall. You will see several metal pieces on the back of the plate. One of these pieces is a rod with threads on it, much like a screw. Twist the rod several times to make the whole assembly longer. Then, replace the assembly in the wall, and reattach the overflow plate. To test your work, fill the tub with water and watch to see how quickly it drains. If it still drains too quickly, you can remove the overflow plate again and twist the rod a couple more times.

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