The Average Cost of Toilet Repair in Orange County

Did you know that your toilets are responsible for as much as 40% of the total water consumption in your home? This is important to understand in light of the fact that many homeowners take for granted problems with their toilets thinking that it is just a minor leak. Sometimes, the fear of paying too much for toilet repair is what causes many homeowners to forego of immediate repairs. To help you understand just how much it takes to get toilet repair in Orange County, here are some average costs for commonly handled jobs.

Unclogging of Toilet

Usually, you would need this kind of repair work if your toilets fail to flush or is already backed up. This is not only annoying but can have very unsightly results especially when the toilet begins to overflow. Getting this problem unclogged correctly requires professional help.

The job should include the unclogging (usually by using a power snake) but will not include unclogging of the main drain line if that is the cause of the problem. The price may go a bit higher if hydro jetting and similarly advanced solutions are required. The cost excludes removal of the toilet as well as unclogging drain lines that are difficult to access. Expect to pay this amount for residential toilet unclogging service only.

Unclogging with Toilet Removal

When the cause of the clog has become too stubborn that a simple snaking or even hydro jetting does not work, it may be necessary to remove the toilet itself to get rid of the blockage. The scope of work includes the removal and reinstallation of the toilet as well as the snaking of the drain lines to loosen any blockage. If more advanced removal techniques are employed, you may be asked to pay additional fees.

Make sure that during the reinstallation of your toilet, a new wax ring is put in place. Other services may be included depending on your signed work contract.

Repair and Replacement

Most of the time when a toilet breaks down, the most common cause is a worn out internal component. This means that the specific component should either be repaired or replaced. It is better to get a flat fee for the replacement or rebuilding of the internal components of your toilet. When you observe a leak coming from the toilet’s base, running toilet, hard flushing, or leaking reservoir then you can be sure that something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Outright replacement of the worn out component in most instances fixes the problem. Aside from the labor cost, the toilet repair should also include replacement of the most basic parts like the ballcock, lift chain, fill and flush valves, flapper, and wax ring. The cost however excludes repair of toilet cracks, replacement of seat, and repair of dual flush systems.

Toilet Installation

It is important to accept the fact that during the course of inspection for the repair work, you would be advised to replace your old, broken down toilet with a new one. This new installation would be the repair solution for your toilet problems. Did you know that replacing toilets of considerable age can bring additional savings in terms of water consumption? This is some you can appreciate even if your old toilet has some sentimental value to you.

The plumbing service would normally provide the minor parts and materials necessary for the completion of the installation including a new wax ring. You also do not have to worry about the removal and proper disposal of your old toilet. You also have to supply the new toilet.

To get more accurate price quotations and discuss in length the specific toilet repair service you need, call Scott English Plumbing today and get fast, clean, and efficient plumbing service.