Tankless Water Heater in Orange County

If you are looking for a way to save money on your energy bills, the tankless water heater is a top choice. In many homes, about 30 percent of the monthly energy bills go to heating water. So, should you switch from the tradition water heater to a tankless water heater in Orange County?

Energy Efficient Water Heaters Save Money Over Time

When you are ready to make the switch to the newest, energy efficient water heater, Scott English Plumbing in Orange County is ready to help you with the installation. There are significant reasons to make the switch. Tankless water heaters are about 20 percent more efficient than the traditional tank water heaters, this means that you could save around $75 annually on your energy bills. Even though tankless water heaters are not cheap to purchase and install, they are better for the environment in the long run.

Choose From Electric or Gas Models

The best tankless water heaters Orange County are the ones that heat water using gas. There are electric options, but they tend to be a bit too slow for people who need to use a lot of hot water in a quick amount of time. Groundwater tends to be colder than most people expect, so the gas-fired water heaters can get the job done more efficiently than the electric versions. To get an electric model to heat water fast enough, many homeowners would not only need to have the tankless water heater installed, but they would also need to have their electrical system upgraded to make the heater work fast enough.

Consider the Price of the Equipment and Installation

Installing a tankless water heater Orange County is more expensive than installing a traditional tank heater. A traditional tank heater general costs under $500 for the tank and an addition $250 or more for installation. The tankless heaters can be closer to $1000 in price, plus another $800 or more for installation. Since the tankless heaters require updated systems, the homeowner might have to pay for updated electricity, gas lines, and ventilation – which can add even more to the bill. But if you find it worthwhile to use less water and to waste less energy, the tankless system is worth the investment.

Maintenance Costs Associated with Tankless Heaters

At Scott English Plumbing, we understand that water heaters with traditional tanks are a necessity that requires very little maintenance. In most cases, homeowners do not even notice their water heaters unless their water is cold or there is a leak. Then, we get called for repairs or replacement. When it comes to a tankless unit, homeowners do have to do more work than they expect to do. Tankless models can develop scale buildup over time. They do need to be inspected annually and some need to be flushed with vinegar to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Some tankless models even need to have water softeners added to keep the unit under warranty and extend its life.

Know the Pros and Cons of the Tankless Heaters

Another consideration with tankless models is that the heaters are not always sending consistently hot water to the taps. Plumbers, like us at Scott English, have fielded a few complaints about occasional bursts of cold water. This is the way the system regulates the temperature, but it can be a quick shock to the system as cold water sitting in the pipes is sandwiched between the hot water from the previous user and the new user. This is a safety precaution so that the water does not come through the pipes and scald the user.

If you do have any questions about tankless water heaters Orange County, the expert plumbers at Scott English Plumbing can answer them.