Slab Leak Repair Orange County

One of the most troublesome plumbing repairs for any homeowner is the slab leak. This is a scary problem that sounds intimidating. If the problem is not cared for, it can create extremely expensive problems that require more than just a plumber. So, when you need slab leak repair in Orange County, call us at Scott English Plumbing. We know what it takes to get the job done to protect your home and the contents of your wallet.

Professional Slab Leak Repair

Even though most homeowners do not deal with slab leaks on a regular basis, we at Scott English Plumbing do. Since most people do not take care of slab leak repair Orange County on their own, plumbers are called to do this repair regularly. We have the right equipment and the experience to minimize the damage that it can do. We are available 24 hours a day help with any type of plumbing problem.

How to Recognize a Slab Leak

Despite the fact that plumbers deal with slab leaks on a regular basis, it is important for homeowners to be able to recognize one when it occurs. A slab leak is the professional plumbing terminology that is used when a pipe that is under a concrete floor leaks. The term “slab leak” refers to the location of the leak, not the size of the hole in the pipe. And, it actually does not matter how big the hole is, because even a tiny hole can create a large problem. When the water pressure from the leak builds up under the concrete, the concrete can crack, shift, and create serious foundational problems. This is why only professional plumbers should be hired to care for slab leaks.

As a homeowner, it is rather easy to know if you have a slab leak. It can be visually and audibly detected. One of the first signs is a quick rise in your water bill. Another key piece of evidence is a crack in the concrete floor of your home. You might notice the smell of mildew or a water, wet spot on the floor. You might also be able to hear water moving underneath your concrete floor. If you notice any of these, especially a combination of them, you should contact us immediately. We have special tools that help us detect the problem. Those tools use sound detection to hear the leaks and scanners that find varying pressure. These tools help us find where the leak is located to minimize the amount of repairs we will need to do.

What We Do to Repair Slab Leaks

Due to the precision of the tools that we at Scott English Plumbing use to detect slab leaks, we rarely have to tear apart floors. In some leaks, we can repair them from the inside of the pipe. In some cases, we do have to open a small piece of the floor. We will explain all of the procedures to you prior to making the repair.

Check Your Insurance Policy for Coverage

Along with calling us for slab leak repair Orange County, it is also a good idea to consult with your homeowners insurance to see if you are covered for the repairs. Unfortunately for many people, they do not realize that their insurance policy does not cover slab leaks. In some cases, insurance will only cover the leaks if the hole is inside of the home, instead of outside of the home. If the home is severely damaged – like a warping in the concrete foundation – you might get lucky and have the damaged covered by insurance. If you are unsure at this point whether or not you have coverage for slab leaks, it is a good idea to review your policy.

If you have any questions about slab leaks, please contact us at Scott English Plumbing at (714) 987-9801 or 714-987-9801.