Signs of a Sewer Clog

Nobody likes to have to deal with sewer and drain clogs. They are messy, difficult to repair, and can cause large amounts of costly damage to your home or business’ plumbing system. Nothing good comes from a sewer clog. However, the experts here at Scott English Plumbing, Inc. understand that sometimes clogs are difficult to detect (at least before they cause sewage backups and other nasty surprises). So, we decided that it would behoove home and business owners to have a reference list of all the signs of a sewer or drain clog. Here it is:

  • Foul smelling drains
  • Slow Drains
  • Gurgling Drains
  • Backed Up Toilets and Plumbing Fixtures
  • Backed Up Sewage Seeping Into Your Yard

Sign 1 – Foul Smelling Drains

One of the less-well-known signs of a clogging sewer line is smelly drains. If you smell stagnant water (or really anything but what you just poured down the sink), then that is a sign of buildup in the sewer line. That smell you smell is bacteria that has begun to grow on the blockage in the line. If you have stinky, smelly drains, then please give our drain cleaning experts a call right away.

Sign 2 – Slow Drains

This one is pretty obvious. If the drains in your home or business have suddenly started moving much more slowly than they used to, then that is a sign that a clog is beginning to form. Usually, this is the best time to get a clogged sewer line fixed; before it reaches emergency status. If you have slow moving drains in your home or business, calling us here at Scott English Plumbing, Inc. is definitely a good idea.

Sign 3 – Gurgling and Bubbling Drains

This sign is similar to the first one. If your drains and/or plumbing fixtures are bubbling or making a gurgling noise as they drain, then that can be a sign of the beginnings of the main line clog. Drains gurgle and bubble when air gets trapped amongst the blockage and the pressure builds up. Once the pressure gets to be too much (when you’re using the drain), it has to escape somewhere. Unfortunately, what escapes often smells bad and makes your drains gurgle and bubble. If you have bubbling and gurgling drains, call a plumbing professional from Scott English Plumbing, Inc. right away.

Sign 4 – Backed Up Toilets and Plumbing Fixtures

If your toilet or other plumbing fixtures are backing up and spilling wastewater and sewage on your property, then it is definitely time to call in the professionals. When it comes to backups, the clog in your sewer line has reached a critical point and needs immediate attention. If you have backed up plumbing appliances, then please contact the expert drain cleaners here at Scott English Plumbing, Inc. as soon as possible.

Sign 5 – Backed Up Sewage Seeping Into Your Yard

Another major sign of a main sewer line clog is backed up sewage seeping onto your lawn and into your yard. If this is happening to your home or business, then, just like with backed up fixtures, you need the help of a professional plumbing company right away. For backed up main lines causing flooding and sewage leaks, turn off your main water line and call our expert drain cleaners straight away.