Sewer Pipe Repair: When the Drain Begins to Gurgle and Other Problems

One of the last things that you as a homeowner ever want to hear is that you need sewer pipe repairs. This is one of the most invasive and expensive types of plumbing repairs.

In order to avoid needing sewer pipe repair or drain sewage repair, is it important to know when to call before the costs get too steep. Paying attention to noises and activities with your plumbing system is the best way to avoid having to make big repairs. As soon as you notice these small occurrences, it is better to call us at Scott English Plumbing before the noises and events get big and out of control.

Listen for the Gurgle

One of the first signs that you could have something wrong with your sewer drain pipe is the gurgle. This noise is caused by air bubbles that are getting in the drain. If the sewer drain pipe develops a clog, air bubbles occur and they are occasionally released up the drain so you hear it from your sink or tub. Along with these drain pipes, plumbing systems also have ventilation pipes that exit out of the roof. These pipes are designed so gasses can exit outside of your home, rather than inside of your home. The vents can become clogged, too.

When the ventilation pipes and the drain pipes become clogged, gasses are sent back into the drain and out into your home. Ventilation pipes are often clogged by small animals and their nests. Repairing a ventilation pipe can also be invasive and expensive, but it will not require as much work as a sewer pipe repair does.

The gurgling noise can also come directly from the sewer lines that travel out to the street. They can develop clogs from tree roots or from cracks that allow dirt inside. When you need sewer pipe repair, you should call immediately. Some repairs can be made without digging up the yard. Your gurgling sound might mean that you only need a good drain cleaning, but if it means something more, it is a good idea to get drain pipe repair as soon as possible.

Call Us for Help

When you hear the gurgle, it does not immediately mean that you have a sewer pipe problem. It could be just the one sink or the tub that is having the issue. If the gurgling sound comes from several locations in the house, then it is more likely to be a systemic problem like the sewer pipes. If the problem is isolated to one sink, then you might able to solve the problem with drain cleaner or a snake. You might even be able to remove the trap and manually clean out the clog. Again, we at Scott English Plumbing can come to help at any time.

Snakes and Augers Work Well

Some homeowners are comfortable using a snake or auger to take care of the clog. You might have to climb on the roof to clear out a ventilation pipe. You also might have to locate the drain plate from the main line to try to clear out the sewer line. There is a chance that the clog could get pushed out to the sewer. If you are uncertain about doing this on your own, our experts at Scott English Plumbing are available to help.

If the clog is too big and too much for an auger to handle you might develop sewer pipe issues that can become not only costly but messy and smelly. No one wants to deal with raw sewage backing up into their homes. The gurgling sound is one symptom of a clogged drain pipe. You should also be on the lookout for slow drains, especially if they are on the first floor. Usually, second-floor slow drains are symptoms of a localized clog, but first floor drains tend to be sewer line related.

Pay Attention to Drain Smells

One of the most noticeable symptoms is foul smells. Drains have the U-pipe that serves as a catch for water. This blocks the smells that can come from sewer pipes. If you have a drain that smells like sewage, you usually need to just pour water down the drain until the smell stops. However, if the smell does not stop, then you have a problem that a plumber needs to address. You will most likely need just a sewer pipe clean, but the problem could be more serious and require drain pipe repair.

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