Save Money: Make Plumbing Repairs Now

Repairing plumbing can feel an awful lot like paying for insurance. The price is usually high and there are very few results to be seen. But, when it comes to plumbing the more you cannot see, the better off you and your home are. When you can see, hear, or smell anything relating to plumbing, it is time to get it fixed. The longer you wait, the more expensive those repairs will become. And, in some cases, you will have to pay for more than just plumbing expenses. Even if you simply have a leaky faucet, those drips can add up to big bucks in the long run.

Increased Water Bills

When you delay maintenance on something as simple as a leaky faucet, you do run the risk of more than just plumbing problems. The leaky faucet will increase your water bills. It also can be quite irritating to listen to a faucet drip. Your leaky faucet could have problems in places that you cannot see – this means that you could have problems in your walls or in the foundation that could become extremely expensive if you wait too long to make the repairs.

People who postpone repairing leaky faucets can waste over 8,000 gallons of water over time. Simply put an empty water jug under your leaky faucet and watch how quickly the water adds up. Think of what that does to your wallet, especially if you wait for weeks or months to get it repaired.

Growing Mold or Mildew

One danger that most people do not consider with leaking faucets is growth of mold or mildew. The continual moisture can create a buildup of unwanted mold or mildew. You might even have to deal with rot in the wood or drywall in your bathrooms. This could lead to expensive problems that could result in having to remove walls and flooring to get rid of moldy wood or mildew in the drywall. This is an expense that can be avoided by fixing a leaky faucet as soon as it begins. In many cases, a leaky faucet can be repaired in less than 30 minutes, especially if it is repaired early.

Health and Financial Problems

When mold and mildew become a problem, financial worries are often the last ones. Mold and mildew can lead to health problems, especially for young people or elderly people who live in your home. They can also seriously affect the wallet, too. Respiratory problems can occur when there is too much mold or mildew in the home. They can arise with problems relating to moisture from issues with the toilet and the seal as well as issues related to sewer lines. When there is excessive moisture anywhere in your home, you run the risk of mildew and mold. If the mold becomes black, it can be extremely expensive to remove – it can also create horrible health issues.

Don’t Wait Too Long

If you are waiting to make a repair, it is better to just get it done. Plumbing will not repair itself, ever. The cost of waiting is so much more expensive that the cost of getting the project completed by a professional. If you are weighing the costs, it is always better to get finished while the problem is still new. The cost will never decrease and the problems will never be smaller. Even if you have to take a day off of work to wait for the plumber, it is still a better idea to take care of any issue you might have. If the problem gets bigger, you might have to take even more time off of work.

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