Not Everything is Flushable: Avoid the Toilet Back Up

Toilet paper has come a long way. From rough and scratchy to soft and plush, you can pamper your rear end with posh toilet paper. While your rear end might enjoy the supple softness of the newest multi-ply brand of toilet paper, you pipes are not. 

When luxuriously thick toilet paper get flushed, it does not always make it down the drain. This problem results in clogged toilets and emergency calls to plumbers like us.

Toilet Paper Clogging the Plumbing

We understand that comfortable toilet paper is important to many people, but we also know that the average toilet, especially low flow toilets can only handle so much. 

We like our toilet paper to absorb moisture without falling apart in our hands, but we also need those squares to break down once they get into the toilet. 

The three-ply papers that feel as soft as cotton might help you avoid discomfort down under, but the three-ply papers are the most likely culprits to cause clogs in your toilets and plumbing systems. 

This luxurious T.P. does not dissolve as quickly as the brands that use one-ply or two-ply. Your rear end will feel good, but your wallet will suffer from the number of emergency calls you need to make for clog problems.

Low Flow Toilets and the T.P. Clog

Low flow toilets do not do well with the plush, thick, comfortable toilet paper brands. 

If you try to flush a thick toilet paper, the thick paper will eventually clog the pipes. Since low flow toilets use significantly less water than a traditional toilet, there is significantly less water pressure to force the balls of undissolved toilet paper into the sewer systems. This type of buildup can be costly, especially if it eventually backs up into your home. Only a licensed plumber will be able to fix this type of problem. 

If you use low flow toilet, you will want to avoid this posh paper and buy the cheap stuff. You will not only save money on your water bills with the low flow toilet, but you will also save money at the grocery store by buying the less expensive toilet paper.

Flushable Wipes are Not So Flushable

Another major toilet paper problem comes from the newest development in toilet paper: the flushable wipe. 

It is important to remember that toilet paper companies are in the business of making money and their customers enjoy trying new, innovative products. The flushable wipe might keep you clean and feeling comfortable, but the wipes are wreaking havoc on plumbing systems. 

The companies that sell them claim that they are flushable, but many of the wipes do not dissolve. This causes them to stick to the sides of pipes and to build up inside of plumbing pipes rather quickly.  Fortunately, if you enjoy using flushable wipes, Scott English Plumbing is just a quick phone call away to take care of your clogs.

Old Pipes Can Create Build Up

In older homes, cast iron pipes are adding to the problems caused by plush toilet paper and moisturizing flushable wipes. Since the pipes are not smooth on the inside, it is easy for these paper products to catch on the little flaws on the inside of the pipes. With a simple emergency phone call, we can help clear the clogs and we can also work with you to arrange a time to replace those pipes with something more modern.

Test the Dissolve Time of Your Toilet Paper

In order to keep your toilets working properly and plumbing costs low, you should test the time it takes for your toilet paper to dissolve. Simply drop a square of paper into your toilet. After five or ten minutes, evaluate how quickly the paper dissolved. If the paper does not dissolve, then you should find a product that dissolves. 

Since emergency repairs are more costly than scheduled maintenance, using the wrong toilet paper can really add up. Most plumbers will advise their customers to pick the less expensive brands with fewer layers.

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