Inventions for the Bathroom

The toilet, sink, and tub have been bathroom staples for decades. If you have toured old homes and historical buildings, it is easy to see that the bathroom staples have not changed much. But, every year, inventors release new ideas to make bathrooms cleaner, safer, and more interesting. Here are a few of the latest bathroom inventions that you could add to your home:

The Main Drain

One of the biggest problems in the bathroom is the fight between men and women about the seat. Men like to leave the seat up, but women prefer to have it down. No one wants to touch it. Thus, the debate. To end the problem, an inventor named Daniel Garvin created the Main Drain. This is a small urinal that can easily be attached to any toilet. The product has a head to collect urine that flows into an articulated hose that releases urine into a clip that attaches to the rim of the toilet bowl. The clip is small enough that it fits under the toilet seat, so both men and women will appreciate the product. The urine collecting head is designed to reduce splashing. The articulated hose lets users adjust the height and angle, so it can easily be pushed away from the seat. The Main Drain can easily be cleaned with bathroom cleansers with a few sprays into the head so gravity can do the rest of the work. The Main Drain is priced under $50.

No-Touch Flusher

Kohler designed a flusher system that will flush the toilet without having to touch it. The touchless flush was designed for people who absolutely hate to touch the lever to flush. You can now buy a Touchless Flush Kit. The kit includes a metal bracket that holds a module that releases an electromagnetic field just about the tank. When you install the module, you place a sticker above the module on the tank lid. When you pass your hand over the sticker, the electromagnetic field shifts and the module recognizes by flushing. The module does require four AA batteries that last up to one year. The kit includes a hole cover so the lever can be completely removed from the toilet. Kohler claims that the kit can be installed in every toilet that uses a flapper or a canister. The kit costs about $100.

Fresh Seat with a Breeze

Kohler wants to make your toilet experiences as pleasant as possible. Along with the no-touch flusher, you can install a Purefresh toilet seat. This seat adds a fresh scent to the bathroom so you no longer need to use an aerosol or match to make the room smell clean when you are done doing your business. The seat does not cover the odor, it filters it and adds a fragrance, too. Once you sit on the seat, a fan activates. The seat includes a carbon filter and fragrance pack. The fan directs the smelly toilet air into the filter and then through the fragrance. With two DD batteries, the seat will work for about six months. The filter and fragrance need to be replaced at the same time the batteries are replaced. For added convenience, the seat also has an LED nightlight so you can find the seat in the middle of the night. The seat costs under $100. The filters and fragrance packs are under $10 each.

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