Improve Home Value with Updated Plumbing Technology

The world of plumbing is continually changing. As manufacturers use technology, they are able to create updated plumbing fixtures and systems that can completely change the way families access and use water.

When plumbers look back in the history or modern plumbing, the idea of water purification, indoor plumbing, and running water were considered novelties at one point. Now, homes can have smart systems that bring plumbing into the future. The early plumbers would be shocked by what homeowners can have installed today.

Even the tools that plumbers use to install and repair plumbing systems have advanced. Just a few years ago, plumbers would need to dig into yards to find troubles in plumbing lines. Now they can use cameras to find those same problems. Technology can save time, energy, and money for the homeowners of today.

Touchless Systems

One of the most exciting new plumbing technologies is the touchless system. Of course, consumers have seen these in restaurants and other public places. These touchless systems are designed to help fight the spread of diseases. Instead of using the hands to turn on faucets or flush toilets, the touchless systems simply do it through with movement.

Toilets are able to tell when a stall door is opened and faucets can see hands underneath them. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention spreads the word that germs cause disease, so not having to touch dirty faucets helps keep hands clean.

Leak Detection Systems

Another exciting innovation is one that most people cannot see: flood-stop technology. This is a technology that is used in household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. It is also found in water heaters, toilets, and ice-making refrigerators. These appliances rely on water, so they can have problems with broken water lines.

Problems like this can be costly, so many of the newest models come with a flood-stop technology that knows when water is leaking. The technology then shuts off the water supply so the leak will not damage floors and basements. If you are interested in this type of technology, it is wise to speak to plumbers like those at Scott English Plumbing who can show you exactly where to have it installed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have changed the cost of water bills for homeowners. These water heaters have been available for years, but they have not been advertised well, so many homeowners are now just learning about their benefits. They do cost more to purchase and install, but the rewards are reaped with lower water bills. They do need annual maintenance to prevent scale buildup.

Low-Cost Repairs

Low cost repairs are another way that plumbing is becoming more efficient through technology. Instead of digging up yards and tearing apart walls, plumbers have new tools that are less invasive. The tools involve cleaning out the pipes with a blasting tool. Once leaks are found after the pipes are cleaned, plumbers can insert an epoxy resin to fill leaks and seal them.

Plumbers can also avoid needing to tear up concrete or to dig trenches. With trenchless technology, plumbers are able to dig a tunnel in the yard to add pipes. This is a low-cost way to repair mainlines and add plumbing where it is needed.

If you have any questions about the latest technology in plumbing, the staff at Scott English Plumbing can help.

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