Important Plumbing Trends for 2017

Nothing is really constant even in the plumbing industry which seems to work based on a set of standards and codes. However, the reality is that the plumbing industry is active and vibrant with many changes lurking just around the corner.  What are the important plumbing trends that you can expect to become popular this year?

Aging Awareness

This is of course in relation to the aging pipe infrastructures in many localities. Are you aware that in the United States the average age of plumbing pipes is 47 years old? You think this is bad? Well, not really when you consider that many plumbing pipes in New York and Philadelphia have an average age of more than 70 years.

What is wrong with an aging pipe infrastructure? Actually a lot. The continuously aging pipe infrastructure has become unaddressed in many areas, which can tragically result in major plumbing failures if left unabated. One research even cites that about $298 billion will be needed to maintain the functionality of storm water systems over the next 20 years.

This is not all bad news though because the increased awareness in aging pipe infrastructures means new and bigger opportunities for the plumbing industry. There is now a marketplace to put these aging and failing pipes to rest using newer and better technology.

Water Related Diseases

How can there be a rise in water related diseases if plumbing technology is improving? That is a very good question. However, the projected rise in Legionella and other water related diseases is attributed mostly to plumbing systems like potable lines and cooling towers for example.

Water quality disease outbreaks for the past years was pegged at 32 with about 431 infections recorded. A quarter of those affected required hospitalization and unfortunately resulting in 14 deaths. About 66% of the outbreaks were caused by Legionella. The most common places where these outbreaks have occurred were in hospitals and hotels.

Since these water related diseases are linked to the pipes, it would be up to the plumbing service providers to deliver pipe renewal solutions that will help address the issues and solve them. This is especially important with the heightened public awareness that it has raised. This also means that there will be a growing trend for the plumbing industry to deliver more solutions to solve major plumbing issues that impact not only homeowners, but society as a whole.

Taking advantage of these trends and opportunities though is a completely different thing and would depend on the commitment of the players of the plumbing industry. One thing for sure is that with these projected plumbing trends, licensed professional plumbing providers like Scott English Plumbing will be given a more vital role for many years to come.