Hydro-Jetting Keeps Pipes Clean for a Longer Life

If you have never heard of hydro-jetting, consider yourself lucky. This is a tool that plumbers use when a snake or smaller tool will not work to get rid of tough clogs. This tool also used with tree roots get the way of the plumbing lines that go back and forth between the main lines under the street. Hydro-jetting is often done on sewer lines that get clogged, too. In many cases, the only other alternative to hydro-jetting is tearing out plumbing line from your home to the street. So, when you do need work done on major plumbing lines, it is good know that hydro-jetting Orange County is an option.

One of the most common problems that hydro-jetting solves is the issue with tree roots. Many sewer lines and main plumbing lines get damaged by tree roots that easily push their way into them. Instead of tearing up your grass or your foundation, hydro-jetting uses a jet of high pressure water to break up the clog that is blocking your pipes. The water is set to a psi around 4000. Hydro-jets are not like fire hoses; instead, they are very thin lines of water that act like a hot knife cutting through butter. These thin lines break up the clog and press it down through the pipes. The slurry it creates flows and the hydro-jet then cleans out the insides of the pipe to prevent further damage.

This type of repair is less invasive than digging up pipes and yards. It is also less damaging that the typical snake with rotating blades that have been known to cut pipes from the inside. When a plumber uses a hydro-jet, the plumber can see exactly where the problem is by using video technology with fiber optics. These small cameras let the plumber see great detail so he knows exactly where to use the hydro-jet.

Over the years, household pipes get clogged with so much residue every day. Think of everything you pour down the drain in the kitchen. Everything from: grease to oils, eggshells to old meat. All of that junk can build up it your pipes and create clogs. You do not just want to unclog your pipes, because the clog will come back sooner rather than later. You want to clean the pipes down to the pipes and only hydro-jetting will do this. Your drain will flow freely after a hydro-jet goes to work on it.

It’s no secret that plumbing repair can be expensive. Using a hydro-jet can actually save money. A snake with rotating blades might seem less expensive, but it is simply a band aid covering a more serious problem that will return. With a hydro-jet, the clog is blasted out and the pipe is cleaned. This is what makes it affordable because your sewer or drain will be cleaned for a longer time.

Another good reason that hydro-jetting is a good tool to use when an important drain is clogged is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. There are no harsh chemicals being used, only H20. This is one of the most environmentally friendly plumbing repairs available for homeowners today. It is also eco-friendly because it does not require digging up yards. And most importantly, hydro-jetting keeps sewage where it belongs – in the sewer and not in your yard.

Hydro-jetting is one of the most efficient plumbing tools simply because it has so many uses. You can clean out household drains and pipes so they can work to their full potential. It can also be used to clean sewer lines. By keeping important pipes free of debris and build-up, they will last longer. This plumbing tool is easy to take from home to home and business to business, which also adds to its efficiency.

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