How to Replace a Sink Sprayer Head

Sink sprayers can be very convenient to use and can give your sink some degree of flexibility. But, like most plumbing fixtures, sink sprayers will break over time and can become clogged from the mineral deposits found in water. It is not only the sprayer head that can become hardened and cracked, often, the sprayer hose as well will become damaged due to the constant rubbing that happens underneath the sink. So how can you replace the sink sprayer head?

Preparing the Materials

In most instances, replacement of the sink sprayer head can be a do-it-yourself project unless something else needs to be replaced or you are not completely confident on what to do. So what do you need to do this project?

For the tools, you will only need an open end Basin wrench that costs anywhere from $15 to $25 at your local hardware. This will allow you to deal with the various connections for the sink sprayer as well as its hose if it needs to be replaced. To make sure that you are ready to do the replacement, you must have the sink sprayer head handy. This usually costs around $5 from your local hardware store or home center.

Another option is to buy the hose kit, which is roughly about $10. If you do not have the open end Basin wrench you may choose to buy a wrench set as well from the home center. Having these tools and materials handy before starting the project will make things a lot easier and faster. Take note of the brand of your sink sprayer unit to ensure that the replacement would fit.

Replacement Procedure

Now that you have your tools and materials ready, you can begin with the replacement of the sink sprayer.

The first step in doing any replacement or repair of plumbing fixtures is to turn off the water supply.

Normally you can find a control valve underneath the sink. If there is none, you would need to turn off the water supply from the main valve, which means leaving your entire home waterless until your finish with the replacement. Open the faucet to make sure that water has been completely drained from the system.

The next step is to unscrew the hose.

To accomplish this you need to use the open-end wrench to separate the sink sprayer hose and the hose nipple. Gently pull the old sprayer and hose from the sink grommet. If there is not much space to maneuver or turn the wrench, you would need to use a basin wrench to disconnect the hose from the nipple.

Slide the replacement hose into place by putting it through the grommet on the top portion of the sink. Reconnect it to the faucet unit. Replace the head by holding the base of the sprayer in your hand and twisting off the old sink sprayer head.

Screw on the replacement sink sprayer head. If the old sprayer hose does not need replacement, just keep the new sprayer hose in a safe place in case you need it in the near future.

The last step is to test the replacement you made to make sure everything is properly sealed and there are no leaks in the connections. Turn on the control valve and allow the water to fill up your pipes for a minute or two before using the new sink sprayer.

Everything can sound so easy, but a word of caution though, if you are not confident with any part of this procedure, do not hesitate to call for professional help. Regardless of the degree of difficulty of the plumbing problem, Scott English Plumbing will always be your best choice. Make the call now!