How to Install Bathroom Fixtures

Sometimes a problem with your bathroom fixtures is as simple to fix as replacing a rubber washer. If your bathroom fixtures have had a long, hard life, or they aren’t exactly modern looking anymore, you may be ready to change them out. Follow these simple directions to help you install new bathroom fixtures.

How to Install a New Bathroom Faucet

    1. 1. First, you need to check the size of your current faucet so that the new one will fit into the existing holes. Measure from the center of the holes in the sink. When you are picking out a new fixture, you can pick any style that you like, as long as it is the same size as the holes in your sink.
    2. 2. When you are ready to install the new fixture, shut off the water by turning the water supply valve under the sink to the closed position. Then turn the faucet on. Doing so will empty the faucet of any water that was already in the line before you shut off the water supply valve.
    3. 3. Use a wrench to remove the supply lines from the old faucet. These lines will be made of copper or braided stainless steel.
    4. 4. After you have removed the supply lines, you can remove the old faucet from the sink. You will need to scrub the surfaces underneath the old faucet well to remove any buildup or gunk that has accumulated there over the years. You need a clean, smooth surface before you can install the new fixture.
    5. 5. There will be a vertical pop up strap attached to the faucet’s lift rod. You need to disconnect that strap.
    6. 6. Wrap the threads of the new fixture with Teflon tape in a clockwise motion, and press the tape into the threads with your fingers.
    7. 7. Center the new faucet over the holes in the sink, and set it into place.
    8. 8. Working from underneath the faucet, apply plumber’s putty to create a tight seal.
    9. 9. Secure the faucet in place by tightening the nuts.
    10. 10. Connect the supply lines.
    11. 11. Attach the vertical pop up strap to the lift rod so that the drain will open and close properly. These pieces work in tandem to lift the seal for the drain up and down. If it doesn’t open far enough or doesn’t seal tightly, you can adjust the fit. Just change the hole that the pop up strap is set on until the drain seals as it should.
    12. 12.You are almost done! Now you can turn the water supply valve under the sink back to the on (or open) position, and try out your new faucet.

Changing out a bathroom faucet is a relatively simple project. If you have a couple tools, a few hours, and some motivation, you can take care of this project on your own. However, we know that not every person is a handyperson. Maybe you don’t own any tools, or you just don’t feel comfortable tackling a project like this on your own. That’s ok. Plumbing can be a little intimidating; after all, nobody wants to make a mistake and end up accidentally flooding their house. That’s why you can count on Scott English Plumbing. If you had a DYI project that went bad or you just would rather go straight to the professionals, call Scott English Plumbing. We can install your new bathroom fixtures quickly and easily so that your house is back to normal in no time. Call Scott English Plumbing for more information today.