How a Plumber Diagnoses Water Back-ups

Everyone has probably experienced water back-up at some point, whether it’s as simple as a clogged sink or something more complicated that requires a plumber. But what’s even scarier is having a serious back-up and not knowing where all that water is coming from! When water is backing up, it means that there are contaminants that are getting into your water supply. This is a very dangerous situation that should be handled right away. You could even be facing a fine if your plumbing system isn’t secured properly.

Here’s what to expect when you’re having a water back-up problem checked on your property:

  • Make sure that the company you are using to test the backflow of your property is certified and that they test it regularly so that you know the results will be accurate.
  • Usually when you need to have your backflow tested, the county will send you some papers telling you that it needs to be done. Just send those papers over to the plumber and see if they need anything else. Most quality plumbers will just take it from there.
  • When the time for the testing arrives, you will need to turn off the water so that it can be completed. This can take a short or long time, depending on whether there are any problems.
  • The plumber then will usually return the papers to the county, although you should verify that they will do it for you.

It isn’t a bad idea to have them install a backflow preventer so that you know you will not face a fine. This piece of technology actually keeps chemicals and bad water from going back into the county’s water supply. It also helps you keep your family just a little bit safer. All it takes is a quick test to find out if there is anything dangerous getting into your water supply or the supply of the county.

It is possible to have a backflow problem and not even know it, so you should always have a plumber check out any problems you have inside your home, whether it’s with an appliance or a fixture. Sometimes the smallest problem can create major issues that just become worse and worse over time until they are impossible to fix.

You should also consider having a plumber install new fixtures and appliances for you so that you know they get hooked up correctly. It may seem like putting in a garbage disposal isn’t that big of a deal, but think for a moment about the things that go down that disposal. You certainly wouldn’t want any of that getting into your water supply! It also takes a professional far less time to do these installations than it does someone who doesn’t do them every day.

If you are ever in doubt about what’s happening with your pipes or plumbing you should call someone right away. Your pipes are running all throughout your house, so just a small problem behind one of the walls can create a huge mess down the line if it isn’t take care of early.

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