Faucet Repair in Orange County

One of the most overlooked, but potentially expensive repairs can come from having a leaky faucet. When you are in need of faucet repair in Orange County the experts at Scott English Plumbing are always ready and available to help. In many cases, it is easy for homeowners to try a few quick steps before calling us.

Leaky Faucets Have a Lifespan

Leaky faucets will be in need of repair when they have exceeded the lifespan. Faucets are generally designed to last at least ten years. People with hard water might need to replace their faucets more often. Instead of looking for faucet repair Orange County, homeowners should look to see if their faucets need to be replaced. Old faucets will no longer have the original finish and their handles will be damaged from discoloration or cracking. Aerators could also be damaged and internal faucet components could be damaged beyond repair. The expert plumbers at Scott English can show you the latest faucets and can install them for you.

Diagnose and Repair Noisy Faucets

One easy repair is the squeaky faucet. In most cases, when a faucet squeaks when the rubber washer in it gets old. Homeowners can either replace the washer with an inexpensive hardware store kit or we can replace the entire faucet. In other cases, the faucet stem might need to be greased. The threads can be greased by removing the handle, putting on the grease, and putting the faucet back together.

However, if your faucet is making clanging noises, not squeaky noises, it is a good idea to call us for faucet repairs Orange County. It might be a simple fix, like replacing the faucet. Or, the problem could be in the pipes. If the problem is in the pipes, a professional plumber is the best option. There could be cracks somewhere in the lines leading to the faucet that is making loud noises.

Another faucet fix that does not require a plumber is a repairing a clogged aerator. When the aerator at the end of a faucet is clogged, water will not flow smoothly out of the spigot. All that you need to do is unclog the aerator using a small brush, like that on an old toothbrush. In some cases, the aerator needs to be replaced. If a cleaned aerator does not make a difference in the way the water flows, then it is a good idea to call us at Scott English Plumbing.

If your faucet is dripping and you do not have the time to replace the washer, there is a one easy solution that will quiet the drip. All you need to do is tie a string to the spout. The water will run down the spout rather than drip, so you do not need to lose sleep with the annoying sound of water plopping.

Fix the Quick-Draining Tub

Another common faucet fix involves a quick-draining tub. The problem usually involves the lack of a water-tight seal. It is easy to keep water in the tub by unscrewing the plate that keeps the overflow drain in place. The entire assembly needs to be removed so the threaded rod is exposed. The rod needs to be turned a few times to make the linkage assembly longer. The linkage and plate can be put back. The overflow control level needs to be adjusted until the water stays in the tub. If it keeps draining once the tub is filled, repeat the process until the water-tight seal is working.

Anytime that you are in need of faucet repair Orange County, our experienced plumbers at Scott English are available to help. Call us at (714) 987-9801 or 714-987-9801.