Faucet Repair Basics

Did you know that fixing single-lever kitchen faucets can be done in roughly an hour and about $20 only? In fact, basic faucet repair is quite easy to do if there is no other plumbing problem involved, especially when you consider that a dripping faucet can waste 10,000 gallons of water every year! This means that there is no need to tolerate annoying and costly drips. So how can you do it?

Doing It Yourself

If this is your first time to repair a faucet, many things may be crossing your mind at this point. Although it is true that a lot of things can go wrong, learning the basics of repairing modern faucets will help you prevent further damage to your plumbing fixture.

The drips on modern faucet is usually caused by the rotary, the ceramic disc, or the cartridge depending on the type of faucet that you have. Sometimes though, the leaks can come from the base of the spout of the faucet.

There are also some basic tools that you will need to do the fixing like an Allen wrench for removing the handle, a screwdriver, and a pair of large slip-joint pliers. Make sure that you have all of these handy before you begin the repair procedure.

Basic Repair

The first thing you need to do is to identify where the leak is coming from. This will help you determine the cause of the leak. Once you have been sure, turn off the supply of water to the faucet to prevent flooding. This is done either from the shutoff valve under your sink or your main water supply shutoff valve.

Drain any remaining water in the system by turning on the faucet. This also relieves the pressure in the system. The sink drain holes should be covered to ensure that small parts do not fall into the drain. The order and orientation of the parts is important so take note of them when you remove them. Take a picture if necessary to help you remember.

To make it easier for you to reassemble the faucet, lay the parts in the order that they are removed. After removing all of the parts inspect them for any signs of mineral deposits and deterioration. You may need to consult a professional plumbing service for mineral deposit problems. Take a fine abrasive pad or cloth to clean the faucet’s aerator. Mineral deposits can be loosened and cleaned by soaking the parts in vinegar.

It is important to understand that plugged holes of the faucet body can result in low water flow. These holes can be cleaned out with a penknife or small screwdriver. Flush any debris in the system, turn the water supply on for a short period to prevent it from clogging the faucet.

If your faucet is dripping, take some time while it’s disassembled to inspect the O-ring that’s with your aerator. If that’s damaged or worn out, replacing it will stop the drip!

Once the faucet has been reassembled the faucet should be turned on to the middle position before opening the water supply. Let the water flow for about 5 minutes to make sure that all the air in the pipes is released. Take the time to clean the aerator as well to ensure that it is not causing poor water flow.

Replacement Parts

Before reassembling the faucet you would need to put in the correct replacement part. To make sure that you have the right one, take the old part to the store. Usually the brand is stamped on the part, which will make it easier to buy a replacement.

Many home centers or hardware stores carry repair kits that can fit into most modern faucet brands. You cannot discount the possibility that replacement parts may have to be ordered if you have specialized or rare brand faucets in your home.

Replacement parts can also be bought online provided that you have the model name and number of the part you need. However, this would take considerable time depending on how long it takes to ship the part.

Although it is quite useful to be aware of the basics of faucet repair, the easiest way to have your leaking faucet properly repaired is to call professional plumbing services. They are stocked with the right type of replacement parts and can do the job in half the time. For reliable faucet repair and plumbing services, trust Scott English Plumbing every time!