Exploring Style and Function in Plumbing

Did you know that when homeowners consider an upgrade in their home, the plumbing is often the most prioritized? More specifically, the kitchen and the bathroom receive the most updates in home renovations or remodeling as far as interior spaces is concerned. Renovation of interior spaces is seen more than just a trend and will continue to be done by most homeowners for the years to come. So what should you consider in terms of style and functionality?

The Magic of Mirrors

Have you ever stopped and think what well placed mirrors in the bathroom and the kitchen can do? For one, mirrors can give a smaller space a feeling of style and functionality at the fraction of the cost that it would take to replace your plumbing fixtures. A mirror can even take the bathroom out of its outdated look.

Not only can a mirror make a bathroom or kitchen look bigger, it will also improve the lighting in the room once placed in the right location. Imagine the effect of mirrors installed along the walls of your bathroom or kitchen. You may even opt to install just one or two mirrors against your walls. As you can see, mirrors are not just about style, they can add functionality as well. Make sure that you include it in your upgrade list.

Bathroom Aids

It is not only the elderly that need to ensure the safety in the bathroom. The issue of safety is somewhat a universal concern when you consider the many accidents that can potentially happen in the bathroom. Hence, the use of bathroom aids that are both stylish and functional become more in demand.

The grab bars of today that are installed in the toilet and bathroom areas are far from those that you commonly find in many hospitals. In fact, many towel racks and toilet tissue holders are now designed to double as grab bars to give bathrooms are more stylish look.

For faucets, lever handles have even become optional with the introduction of touchless designs. When you consider the increasing number of homeowners aging in place, then you begin to understand why knob-handle faucets are considered a dying breed.

In the pursuit of style and function, low profile tubs are gaining increased preference. Not only does it look good, but it also reduces the possibility of tripping and falling. These low profile tubs can also be designed for lounging and sitting with sidewalls that rises after you get into the tub.

Another bathroom aid that can be seriously considered is the use of adequate lighting. Many designers suggest the use of lighting scones in the sink and shower area to give proper illumination as well as style to the bathroom.

Kitchen Updates

To improve the style and function of your kitchen it is important to get the right type of sink. There are different materials, colors, and finishes that you can choose from depending on your actual needs and preference.

When choosing a sink, do not forget to choose a faucet as well. Make sure that it not only fits into the hole configuration of the sink, but also matches its style. To bring it all together, find the proper lighting that will bring the style and functionality of the kitchen into focus. You can choose from an array of lighting fixtures like recessed lights, pendant lights, and surface mounted among others.

Plumbing Complications

When considering the style and function of your bathroom and kitchen, you must not overlook the fact that plumbing works will complicate your project. This is especially true when additional plumbing work will be required.

You need to make sure that you pay attention to the plumbing codes and regulations in your locality. There are obviously some type of works that would require you to secure permits from local authorities. To make it simpler to comply with building codes, hire licensed professional plumbing services.

At the end of the day, there is an abundance of kitchen and bathroom products that can upgrade the style and function of plumbing in these areas of your home. Let Scott English Plumbing help you achieve what you want.