DIY Plumbing | Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips

Frozen pipesSo you and your partner are going budget friendly this year and deciding to cook at home. We think that’s a smart choice, you get to avoid the crowds and those special extra expensive menus that restaurants haul out on Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t careful, though an unexpected plumbing disaster could put a major damper on your evening. Keep these plumbing tips in mind in case of disaster so you can get back to enjoying your evening fast.

  • Fix minor leaks – There’s still some time before Valentine’s Day to hunt down those leaks you’ve been ignoring and get them fixed so they don’t turn into a major flood in the middle of making dinner. Fixing minor leaks can also prevent mold and other water damage which is definitely not the romantic atmosphere you’re looking for.
  • Know where your water shut off valve is – If you’re frantically Googling “where is a water shutoff valve located” while a pipe is dumping gallons of water into your home you have already lost the battle against your water lines. Locate your water valve and make sure that it still works properly before you’re faced with a major plumbing disaster. Nothing will put a damper on your evening like mopping up a huge wet mess.
  • Check your pipe insulation – Insulating your pipes can save you from dreaded frozen and burst pipes especially considering the particularly cold winter we’re having this year. Insulating your pipes can also save you a lot of money on your utilities because hot water will lose less heat as it runs through your pipes which means that you and your honey will have more money for other things.

If you still run into a plumbing issue on Valentine’s Day, don’t let it ruin your evening. You can give our plumbers at Scott English Plumbing Inc whenever you’re met with a plumbing disaster. We’re standing by 24/7 so your night will never be ruined for long. We hope that you won’t have to call us out on such a special evening, though and we hope that you have a great Valentine’s Day!