Decorative Plumbing Designs for Kitchen and Bathroom

Is there any value in updating the look of your bathroom? According to many home designers, the right piece can have a positive effect on the design of your bathroom and its functionality. It does not matter if you are working with a huge or small bathroom space, the attention to the trends and details is what is important to improve the look of your home. What else should you know?

Trends in the Kitchen

The kitchen is widely considered as the heart of every home. This is why it is important to make it one of the most attractive sections in your home. There are plenty of decorative plumbing that can create a unique look for your kitchen without sacrificing its functionality.

Traditional farmhouse sinks are widely considered because they are easier to clean and maintain. These types of sinks are commonly made from fireclay, which is resistant to scratches, chipping, and staining. There are also some that are made from porcelain, copper, and stainless steel. You also have a choice between equal split bowls and uneven ones.

Why is it important to pay attention to the sink? Most of the time it is used as a statement piece of the kitchen. The aesthetic design and materials of the kitchen sink therefore play an important role in deciding what to choose. Despite the prevalence of two-bowl sinks, many homeowners are now considering deep, one-bowl designs because of the less likelihood of water spills getting on the floor.

The pot filler faucet that gained popularity in the consumer market a couple of years ago are not being replaced by secondary sinks. These sinks are used mostly for prep work and is also a great way to accommodate two people cooking in the kitchen. The gradual phasing out of pot fillers is also seen as a way of making homes more age elderly-friendly in the same manner that touchless faucets are gaining popularity.

Aside from sinks, home designers are encouraging investing in functional faucets like touchless models. The technology has vastly improved to give it additional functionality like the ability to pause water flow. With faucets being one of the most used plumbing fixtures, it is important to invest in models that can withstand conventional wear and tear.

As far as the kitchen goes, innovative finishes help in the elimination of smudges using spot-resistant finishing to maintain an overall clean look. The demand is for the finishes to be incorporated into the plumbing to ensure durability and deliver a transitional style that gives a less dated look.

Trends in the Bathroom

Did you know that you can create an in-home spa atmosphere with the right amount of decorative plumbing? The creative flare is anchored most of the time on the shower, which for the longest time has remained as one of the key design elements in the bathroom.

Instead of the more traditional shower and bathtub combination, the large open shower is gaining more preference. There is a common demand for homeowners to get as much water as they can from their showers without necessarily having to deal with excessively high water bills.

Aside from the focus on a sleeker and cleaner design, more homeowners want to include aging in the design concept with the inclusion of grab bars and walk-in showers as options for future design innovations. It is not uncommon to find showers with at least two showerheads, handhelds, and secondary features. Decorative shower drains also help in delivering a more polished look.

Removal of the glass door not only achieves a sleeker look, but also cuts down on cost. Hence, more bathrooms are seen with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall with an opening design.

As far as bathroom sinks are concerned, the preference is moving towards inclusion of sink cabinetry. Square-shaped sinks are also trendier now compared to round or oval-shaped ones.

Another equally important element of the bathroom that designers want homeowners to focus on is the toilet. Obviously, a cheap and insignificant toilet can ruin an otherwise elegantly designed bathroom. In shopping for aesthetics, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the toilet will be used every day so durability, functionality, and beauty are all of equal importance.

Higher toilets with soft-close seats and even night lights and built-in air fresheners are quite desirable. Technology has come to the point where LED touchscreen installed on the wall can be used to flush the toilet. There are even designs that allow for heating up the seat for a more comfortable experience. Investing in these advancements however have been observed to be more reserved because of the general feeling that technology changes fast making investing in these features unreasonable.

All of these decorative plumbing design options are well and good. But at the end of the today, when faced with a plumbing emergency, you will still need the help of professionals like Scott English Plumbing.

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