Costs of Sewer Repair

Will there ever come a time when sewer lines will never become clogged? Wishful thinking maybe, but, who knows right? Until that time comes though homeowners will have to be vigilant in ensuring that their sewer lines are free from clogging. More importantly though is to make sure that when sewer lines become clogged, professionals should be immediately called in to make sure that wastewater flows smoothly into the sewage system. How much would it cost you to get repair work done?

The Typical Costs

Normally when homeowners call for sewer pipe repair, they only think of the cost of replacing or repairing the broken pipe. Things are just not as straightforward as that. Real professional plumbers would usually look into the cause and other implications of the problem.

When a tub or sink has to be unclogged as well, an additional cost can be incurred based on the complexity of the obstruction.

When your toilet becomes clogged as a result of a sewer pipe problem, you may be looking at an added expense in the neighborhood of $60 to $300. You can always talk to the plumbing service to get a flat rate fee that would cover all the necessary work to be done.

Included Service

As you bargain for a flat rate fee, you should be aware that you are getting all the necessary services to resolve your sewer pipe problem. The sewer pipe repair should go way beyond simply cleaning and clearing the obstruction. Professional plumbers will trace the source of the problem (especially when there is foul odor) and look at all the affected portions of your plumbing system.

Is the water backing up from your kitchen sink? This should be cleaned out properly by ensuring that the wastewater flows smoothly to the sewage system outside your home. Make sure that the cleanout located outside your home is opened up and cleared. Professional plumbers would use either a hose or an auger to clear the line.

Once it has been cleared the cleanout will be reinstalled and tested. The result must be immediately noticeable like the easy flow of water in your drains and the absence of a gurgling sound when flushing your toilet for example. The complex repair procedure in restoring the functionality of your sewer pipe is the main reason why this should be handled only by competent professional plumbing services.

Additional Expenses

Are there other costs that homeowners should consider when undergoing pipe repair? Quite possibly, yes. If flushing your toilet or using the faucet creates a backflow to another plumbing fixture, then the main household sewer line must be cleared.

The clearing process may uncover more damaged or broken areas of your sewer pipe thereby increasing your expenses. On the average a line replacement can go for $1,000 to $25,000 or more based on factors like depth of the line, type of replacement, length of pipe, and local rates among others.

In general, the more process included in the repair the higher your cost becomes. Typically, repairing sewer pipes of older homes can cost a bit more compared to newer ones. There is no denying that sewer pipe repair can cost huge amounts of money, which is why it is wise to keep your entire plumbing system healthy.

The important thing to remember is to never be pressured into paying for services that you do not need or paying more than what is necessary. To make sure that you are not being taken advantage of, always call on Scott English Plumbing for your sewer repair needs.