Clogged Drains? Hydro-Jetting May Help

scott english hydro jetting orange county

Do you have slow flowing drains or frequent back-ups? Hydro-jetting may be just what you need to help you with your issues and could save thousands in potential water damage should a back-up cause a flood within your home. 

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Some drain stoppages are easily cleared with a plunger or augur, but if your plumbing issues affect multiple fixtures or quickly return after they have been cleared, you may have drains with significant greasy build up, roots, or corrosion that could be greatly improved with hydro jetting.

hydro jetting orange county

Hydro jetting a line with up to 4,000 psi water pressure will scour clean your pipes and is a great way to remove years of build up of grease waste and debris. 

With older cast iron pipes, build up is compounded with corrosion and decay that occur over time causing pipes to lose capacity as their interior diameter is impacted by the corrosion and build up.  As the cast iron corrodes it becomes very rough and constricted, and is more likely to become clogged with excess debris such as wipes or paper towels.  With hydro-jetting of the line, the built up grease and corrosion can be removed and leave your drains with a cleaner, and smoother lining, restoring your drainage capacity. 

roots in plumbing in orange county

Roots in a drain line can also be a common cause of back-ups and often can’t be removed with standard drain cable equipment. Using a hydro jetter will remove the roots as well as all of the mud and debris that tend to occur with them. With removal, this will also allow for a video inspection of the drain to determine the extent of damage to the pipe where the roots penetrated it. In some cases damage may be minimal and the pipe can be lined to prevent roots from re-entering it

If the pipe damage becomes too severe and breaks create off-sets in the pipe, then that is a sign that lining will no longer be an option and it will instead need to be dug up and repaired to prevent future back-ups.

A simple video inspection of your drain line can be performed to assess your pipes to determine if hydro jetting will address your issues or if other repairs are necessary.  

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