Why You Should Beware of Some Plumbing Companies

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The time to choose a plumber is not when your basement is flooded or your bathtub is backing up with sewage. During times like those, you are desperate and in a panic. You are likely to call out the first plumber you can find, which can end up costing you big time.

It is a much better plan to choose a plumber now when things are going fine. Get to know the company and their hours and procedures, so that if a crisis occurs, you know how to get a hold of them for quick service. So, how do you know which plumber is a good choice, anyway? Use these tips to help you choose the right plumber.

  • 1. Don’t be fooled by a name. Have you ever noticed how many contractors use business names that begin with the letter A? In many cases, they even combine the A with the number 1. There’s a good reason for that. By choosing a name that is at the beginning of the alphabet, they are assured the first listing in the phone book or in a list of search results. They are counting on people calling the first company on the list. Well, that’s one way to choose a plumber, but it’s certainly not the best. In fact, a recent study revealed that plumbers whose business name begins with the letter A or a number actually receive five times as many complaints with the Better Business Bureau than their competitors, and three times as many complaints per employee. Researchers believe that these businesses are preying on clueless consumers and providing low-quality service after using their strategically chosen business name to hook us.
  • 2. Ask for proof of credentials. Don’t just assume that a plumber is licensed. Ask to see their state license, which is a legal requirement. Every plumber, including journeymen and subcontractors, must have a license. Ask for proof of insurance, too. The plumber should maintain general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, for your protection and theirs.
  • 3. Check into their history and reputation. How long has the plumber been in business? Do they have a history of providing good service in your area? How much experience do they have? These are all questions that you should feel comfortable asking when you hire a plumber. Often, you can get much of this information from the plumber’s website.
  • 4. Find out whether their services are warrantied. The plumber should provide a warranty for their services for a fixed period of time after the repair. Ask now so that you don’t get surprised later.
  • 5. Ask your friends and family for references. You may not have needed to call a plumber before, but the odds are good that a few of your friends and family members have. Ask them who they used, and ask for an honest assessment of their experience. You may find that there is a local plumber who has been hired by many of your neighbors and provides great service.
  • 6. Call your realtor. If you purchased your home recently, call your realtor for a recommendation on a contractor. Realtors are great resources, and may be able to recommend someone to you who has a great reputation.

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