Best Technology for Leak Detection

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Technology has come a long way in helping us solve a variety of problems that have haunted us in the past. In the area of home plumbing, technology has likewise presented us with a number of upgrades not only in the way that plumbing is handled, but also in terms of fixtures and appliances that help us conserve water while lowering monthly bills. One of the peskiest home plumbing problem that all homeowners will eventually face regardless of the age of your home would have to be water leaks. How has technology fared in helping the average household cope with water leaks? Let’s look at some technologically advanced solutions.

Water Leak Alarm

Relatively small, battery-powered, and price-wise, a bit hard to compete with. More importantly, water leak alarms are not difficult to find; just head on to your nearest home centers and buy one. These types of alarms are positioned on the floor near the plumbing appliances and fixtures that can pose dangerous leaks.

How does this work? Once the sensors pickup even the smallest presence of water, the alarm will be triggered. The sound of the alarm is quite distinct and very loud that it would be hard to miss it. The great thing with this sensor is that you can put it on the basement floor to make sure that you are immediately alerted once your sump pump fails to work and prevents water from flooding your property.

Although water leak alarms sound great, the effectiveness is quite limited. Why? For one, if it goes off and no one is home, it does not do much in terms of prevention. Another thing is that if you forget to change the batteries, then you can’t expect it to work great.

Single-Point Shutoff System

One way to overcome the limitations of a water leak alarm is to invest in a single-point shutoff system, which offers comparatively better protection not only against leaks, but floods as well. This system will work even if you are not at home and the automatic shutoff system will ensure that proper action is implemented immediately.

How does this work? It is plugged into an electrical outlet with the sensor positioned on the floor or within an appliance pan. The water supply to the appliance is turned off using an electric shutoff valve. This is how the technology functions when leaks are detected preventing the problem from turning bad into worse. This type of shutoff system can be used with dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines among others.

Whole-House Shutoff System

Currently considered as the ultimate solution for both leak detection and flood prevention, it takes care of your entire home. The way that this technology works is that multiple wireless sensors are strategically placed all over your home to help detect the presence of leaks, frozen pipes, and other similar plumbing problems. The motorized shutoff valve cuts the water supply to the entire home, preventing further damage.

This solution has even incorporated the use of Wi-Fi modules that will allow it to send alerts to the computer or smartphone of the homeowner when a plumbing problem is detected. The complexity of the system may require the assistance of a professional plumber to ensure that the water supply from the main pipeline is shutoff automatically.

The Best Technology

Are you in awe with what current technology has created to help you detect and automatically deal with home plumbing leaks? However, one of the time-tested and most effective ways to deal with leaks and prevent flooding is to do a regular visual inspection of your home plumbing system.

This means inspecting all the pipes, supply hoses, shutoff valves, water appliances, and fittings. Signs of corrosion are normally leaks waiting to happen. So make sure that you take care of the small problems immediately. Investing in sound plumbing practice is always a good way to go, so make sure that you turn off the main water supply line when leaving your home for an extended time.

Want to increase the effectiveness of this technology? Call a professional plumbing service and make them do the plumbing inspection.