Benefits of Video Pipeline Inspection for Homeowners

Owning a home is the American dream. Hardworking people plan and save for years so that they can achieve this dream. However, sometimes the dream can turn into a nightmare, all when a homeowner hears the dreaded words “sewer line damage.”

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Imagine that the house you love and take care of so carefully is suddenly filling up with sewage. Sewage is coming up into the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Many people think that this means they have to bring in heavy equipment to tear their entire yard apart so they can find the source of the problem and fix it. Of course, this is an expensive process. You have to pay for all that machinery to tear into your yard, and you have to pay for the supplies and labor to fix the problem once it has been found. Even after it is fixed, it can cost you a bundle to put your yard back together and repair your landscaping.

Fortunately, there is a better option. When you suspect a sewer line problem, you can use video pipeline inspection to find the problem for you. There are several advantages to this system. Check them out below.

  1. Video pipeline inspection helps you find the exact location of the problem. When a qualified plumber uses residential video pipeline inspection, he pinpoint the exact source of the problem without digging any holes or tearing into your yard. The plumber uses a specialized camera that is designed for this purpose. The camera is inserted into the sewer pipes and storm drains so that the plumber can literally see the problem without tearing anything up. You can find the source of the problem without anyone ever touching a shovel or digging a hole. Then you can determine what types of repairs need to be made and pinpoint their location.
  1. 2. Repairs can be made with minimal damage to your yard and landscaping. The video pipeline inspection allows the plumber to identify exactly where the problem is located; we don’t have to dig up your whole yard. Once we have identified the exact location where the repairs need to be made, we can minimize the damage to your yard by digging only where it is absolutely necessary. Any digging will be limited solely to the area where the repairs must be made, not spread across your entire yard.
  1. 3. Video pipeline inspection saves homeowners time and money. In many cases, a high tech solution to a problem is a high cost solution to the problem. Fortunately, that is not true for video pipeline inspection. When a plumber uses video pipeline inspection, he doesn’t have to dig up your yard. The plumber can identify the problem much more quickly and with minimal effort. This saves him a lot of time and labor, which means it saves you money. The problem can be identified and repaired quickly. It also means that there will be less repair work to do in terms of putting your yard back together. Since there is no need to tear the whole yard apart to find the problem, you won’t have to repair all of your landscaping when the sewer line repair is complete.

If you suspect that you may have a sewer line problem in your home, contact Scott English Plumbing. We provide video pipeline inspection services so that we can quickly and easily identify the problem. We will get it fixed fast without damaging your lawn and landscaping. Call Scott English Plumbing for more information today.

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