Bathroom Trends: Separate Bath and Shower

When it comes to home remodeling, the bathroom might not be the first place you consider. Other than adding a jet tub or special fixtures, there have not been many new trends to add to the bathroom, until now. One of the most popular new trends in bathroom design is the separate tub and shower. This luxurious design trend actually can be useful as well as attractive.

Add Luxury and Style to Your Master Bath

The separate shower and tub used to only be found in luxurious homes and resorts. But now, it is easier than ever before to separate the two in a typical residential home. Since so many homeowners are making their master bathrooms into comfortable spas. When a separate shower is included in a bathroom, it can become like a piece of art, especially if the glass or tile work is done with style.

A beautiful shower can not only be safe, with a slip-resistant floor, but also roomy and comfortable, too. The separate tub can be large, deep, and full of massaging jets. To make the tub even more architecturally stylish, it can be placed next to a big open window overlooking a private section of the yard. A gorgeous bathroom with a separate bath and shower can add value to a home, too.

Bring Convenience to Your Home

A separate bath and shower not only add value and style to a home, but they can also add flexibility. It is easy to take a quick shower in the morning or after a sweaty workout. It can also be relaxing to rest in the bathtub after a busy day. Couples can shower and bathe at the same time, saving money in the morning or evening. It is also easy to make a tub and shower accessible for wheelchairs or other mobility issues, too.

Yes, having a separate bath and shower does mean that there is a little extra to clean. However, if you prefer to shower and your partner prefers to bathe, then there is less of the other person’s “stuff” to clean. And, since the bath and shower will get half the use they would normally get, you should be able to go a bit longer between cleanings.

Work with a Designer for a Perfect Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, it is a good idea to work with a designer and a contractor with experience. Our plumbers at Scott English Plumbing can certainly help with the installation and selecting the stall and tub, too. Your contractor should be able to help you if you need to add space to your bathroom by moving a wall. There are also smaller soaking tubs and shower stalls that can be added to tiny bathrooms, too. There are also designs with showers that include a soaking tub inside of the walls. There is nothing wrong with being creative with the design you choose for your bathroom.

Some designers suggest that homeowners forgo the shower and tub combo and just choose the shower, especially if your home already has a tub in another bathroom. If you are going for the shower and tub combination, stick with your decision. The two in one room will add luxury and value to your home.

At Scott English Plumbing, we can help with cost saving ideas for the water lines, drains, and vents that are needed to properly install the tub and shower. We can also help with water pressure and heating to be sure that everything will function properly. We can also show you different ideas that will help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Contact us at (714) 987-9801 or (949) 293-2037 for your bathroom and shower needs.

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