Avoiding Sump Pump Troubles

Any property that has a basement must have a sump pump. This is more of a necessity than a luxury.

The sump pump will ensure that the water will not back up into the basement and flood it unnecessarily. In other words, it is your best choice in keeping your basement clean and dry. However, if you have never had a sump pump before, you must be aware of potential troubles you can run into. What are these?

Frozen Sump Pump Pipes

The thing with sump pumps is that many property owners believe that installing these critical devices are just do-it-yourself projects. In many instances, this can be true, but, are you prepared to face the possible problems that will come your way?

Many property owners would have a system that discharges the water outside using an extension hose that usually sticks out of the home like a sore thumb. The common solution for do-it-yourself adventurers is that they would bury the pipe that discharges water to preserve the outer beauty of the home. Sounds easy enough right?

Before you go digging into the ground and bury that pipe, have you asked yourself what would happen once the buried pipe freezes over during winter? A flooded basement should eventually come to mind at this point. The water will have nowhere to go once the sump pump pipes are frozen. The best thing to do in this instance is to leave a gap between the pipes to give the water a place to drain to even as it freezes.

Sounds too simple to be true? You can call trained professional sump pump installers and they will tell you that without the gap, the frozen sump pump pipe would eventually break apart at the point of the check valve connection, or worse, you can end up with a burned out sump pump. The simplest thing of forgetting to remove the extension hose as winter comes along will bring a lot of headaches that can eventually become costly.

Failure Due to Electrical Problems

Another potential source of problem when it comes to sump pumps is failure due to electrical problems. Some property owners are not really aware or do not take the time to read through the manuals or ask professionals.

It is important to understand that the sump pump itself must be plugged directly into an electric outlet. This means that extension cords should not be used. To protect the sump pump and your property from potential disaster, it is vital that the outlet used by the sump pump must have a dedicated circuit breaker to help prevent spikes or current fluctuations.

Many plumbing professionals can attest to the fact that reported problems with sump pumps can be traced to the use of extension cords, lack of circuit protection, or faulty installation. Considering that the sump pump must be constantly plugged in to allow it to function properly and automatically, the slightest problem with the electrical supply can be devastating.

Are you prepared to deal with all of these potential sump pump problems? Do you have the technical skills to ensure that your sump pump is properly installed to allow it to function efficiently? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then the best way to avoid sump pump troubles is to call on the experts.

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