7 Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money

Do these plumbing fixtures really cost you money?

We’ve all heard plenty of tips and tricks about keeping our plumbing in top shape. But how many of these tips or so-called “conventional wisdom” actually work? Here are seven myths about plumbing that could actually cost you money.

  1. 1. Lemons will freshen up your garbage disposal. While it’s true that putting lemons down there might make it smell a little better for a short time, ice is a better alternative because the acid that’s inside of lemons can corrode the metal inside the garbage disposal.
  1. 2. In-tank toilet cleaners are a good idea. In reality, they just bleach the build-up instead of getting rid of it, so put vinegar into the overflow tube instead to get rid of it.
  1. 3. The drain’s working perfectly if things go down it. Once again, this isn’t true. Blockages don’t occur all at once. It takes time for things to build up inside the pipes. Make sure you’re treating your drains well by using hair catchers over the shower drain and filling the basin with water before you drain it.
  1. 4. You can trust the water pressure regulator. Not necessarily. While you can get vital information about the water pressure in your home by looking at it, you’re much better off by checking it yourself. If the water pressure gets too high, it could cakes flooding, leaks, or even a running toilet.
  1. 5. Soap is a good cleaner for your bathroom fixtures. No, on the contrary, did you know soap actually corrodes these fixtures? Instead of leaving the soap on them, take a moment to wipe them off so that they don’t corrode.
  1. 6. You don’t need to even think about your plumbing fixtures. Actually you can’t afford not to think about those plumbing fixtures once in a while. If the p-trap is allowed to evaporate, sewer gas could stink up your home and create a health hazard. Also if you don’t use your electric water heater, hydrogen gas could be created. The bottom line is that you need to use your plumbing fixtures regularly. At the very least, take the time to turn them on once in a while.
  1. 7. A plumber is a plumber, is a plumber. The truth is that not all plumbers are created equal. Did you know that plumbers can opt to continue their education, earn certificates, and learn more about the latest trends in plumbing? If you don’t take the time to choose your plumber carefully, then you’ll just have to spend more on another plumber who really does know what he is doing. Instead check the Better Business Bureau and look at state certifications to make sure that your plumber is well-educated and knowledgeable about what he is doing.

Make sure that any plumber you hire has the appropriate liability insurance and certifications that are necessarily to protect you and them in case something does go wrong. Also do not hire a plumber who can’t or won’t give you an estimate in writing before they begin work. In addition, plumbers who work on a flat rate rather than an hourly rate tend to be more efficient and cost-effective.

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