6 Tips about Sewer Repair in Orange County

No one wants to hear that they need a sewer repair in Orange County or anywhere else, but being educated about the process takes a little bit of the fear out of it. Repairing a sewer line is certainly a very large task, and you need a plumber who is qualified to take on such a large job. Other than that, there are several other things you should know:

    • Sometimes the sewer may need to be replaced rather than repaired because the point of origin of the leak can’t be located. If this is the case, then at least you will know that your new sewer should last 50 years or much longer than that. In some cases replacing the sewer is actually cheaper than repairing it because the problem area is in a spot that is difficult to reach with normal means.
    • There are several repair options available, and the right one depends entirely on what the problem is and where it is located inside the sewer line. A qualified plumber will be able to make a few suggestions of possibilities to repair it and enable you to weigh the pros and cons of each of those options.
    • Repair clamps, sewer liners, and replacing part of a pipe are all possible options in sewer repair. Plumbers weigh the location and severity of the problem when deciding which repair option to recommend to the homeowner.
    • Different materials may be used for different projects in different locations. Sometimes numerous materials may be needed or just be possible for use with the same job. For example, ductile iron pipe, heavy cast iron, PVC, and clay pipe may all be involved when working on a system that is encased in a concrete slab.
  • You should stick only with plumbers who have completed large scale jobs if looking for someone to perform a sewer repair. This is definitely not a starter job, so make sure that the contractor has plenty of experience specifically working on sewers.

Of course no two situations are exactly the same in the world of sewers, so it is very important that you choose wisely when it comes to someone who will handle this massive job. Always ask for referrals so that you know you can trust the contractor. In fact, try to get referrals from people who had similar work done at their home so that you do know definitely if the contractor has had experience with that type of work.

Also ask how much insurance the contractor has. Although this step is important when choosing a plumber for any job, it is even more important when talking about sewer repair because the risk for severe damage is even greater.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is something about the job that you don’t understand. With such a major project going on there on your property, it is only natural for you to be curious about exactly what is being done. Hold your plumber accountable by finding out the details of what he is doing. Let the experts at Scott English Plumbing help you with sewer repair in Orange County.